Amazon Prime Day Wish List

Stuff I love

Hello! So last night at dance practice, my partner Jordan mentioned that he was getting excited to do some major shopping for Amazon’s Prime Day today. My response was, “What’s that?” Apparently I’ve been living under a rock. Today, July 15, Amazon is throwing “a global shopping event,” offering more deals than Black Friday, exclusively for Prime members. Which I happen to be. So I immediately ran to make a shopping list. And then I thought why not share the list with you guys, just in case you’re also Prime Members. (Plus, in all honesty, if you guys buy anything using my links, I make a tiny commission. So thanks …

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Red Gold Summer Grilling Giveaway

Red Gold Tomatoes

Happy Sunday! About a month ago, Red Gold Tomatoes sent me a care package and asked me to share some of their recipes. Unfortunately work, searching for a new apartment, and then a really bad cold distracted me until today. Thankfully there is still time. Red Gold asked me to let you guys know they are having a huge summer grilling giveaway over on their Facebook page. Until July 22, head over to their Facebook page and enter to win a Big Green Egg ceramic charcoal barbecue cooker, as well as over 800 insulated tote bags. They’re also sharing a ton of recipes, perfect for summer. Today I thought I would …

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Things I learned from my May Challenge

May Challenge Lessons Learned

Happy Wednesday! Thought it was about time I give you guys an update. For those who don’t follow along on instagram, I am proud to say I completed my #MayChallenge. That’s right. I went to the gym (or did some sort of workout) in May. And now a few weeks later, I thought I would share some things I learned: 1. If you remove the choice, going to the gym becomes a lot easier. I’ve blogged a bit about motivation before. How many times have you planned to workout, but told yourself you were too tired/busy and would go tomorrow instead? Or that dreaded “I’ll start on Monday?” Except …

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Gym Every Day in May Challenge

May Fitness Challenege

Happy Wednesday! For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve been using the hashtag #maychallenge. On May 1st I was talking to my friend Lauren (a personal trainer and blogger at Petite Curves Ahead) about the gym challenge I did back in November. I went to the gym every day from Thanksgiving until Christmas. Not an easy feat but I did it and won a free month of membership. Lauren challenged me to do it again. And even though there aren’t any prizes to win this time around, I said yes. I know I’m posting this a few days into May but I wanted …

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Workout Music…for Free?


Hello! Happy Wednesday. Yes, I realize it’s been over a month since I’ve posted. But we all figured this would happen right? Life gets hectic, blog falls to the wayside. Anyway… Thankfully my friend Kelly reminded me of a post I’ve been wanting to write for weeks – how to find FREE workout music. I think everyone can agree that having an awesome workout playlist is the key to having a good workout. OK maybe not the key, but it’s still super important. My mix used to include a playlist of Brittany Spears, Ke$ha, and Adam Lambert. But after a while I got bored and needed something new. So I tried streaming …

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Paleo eBook Event – Today Only


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I wanted to write a quick blog post to let everyone know that Buck Books is doing another Paleo eBook event today. For one day only, you can buy 15 Paleo ebooks for $1 to $3 each.   The last time Buck Books ran a deal like this was back in November. The process is the same. Click the link below to get to the Buck Book’s promotion page.  Scroll down and click on the book image to take you to the Amazon discounted page. To take part in the sale, you do not need to sign up for their mailing list. Link to the Paleo eBook Event …

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IIFYM Basics: Macros

IIFYM basics macros

Hi everyone. How was your weekend? The weather is finally warming up here in Chicago. I spent most of Saturday walking around Lincoln Square just to enjoy it. And then Sunday I decided to walk to the grocery store rather than drive. I’m super ready for winter to be over. Anyway, this is part two of my IIFYM series. Last time I talked about how to figure out how many calories you should eat for your goals. If you haven’t had a chance to read that yet, check out IIFYM Basics: Calories first, then come back here. Today I’m going to cover how to figure out your macronutrient breakdown. In other …

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IIFYM Basics: Calories

How many calories should I eat

Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? I’ve been trying to fight off a cold. Yay…The good news is it hasn’t really hit me that hard. The bad news is it won’t go away. As promised, here is the first post about how I got started following IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros). Originally this was going to be one blog post but I realized pretty quickly that it was way too long. So for today, we’re just going to focus on the first step: calculating your daily caloric intake. Before I get started I want to mention again that I’m not a doctor, nutritionist or certified trainer. I’m only sharing …

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WIAW: From Slow Carb to IIFYM

Slow Carb to IIFYM

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Thought I would check in to update you guys on how my eating has changed. Last time I posted a WIAW I announced that I was doing the Slow Carb Diet. At the time it made sense to eat this way. It’s similar to Paleo (gluten, dairy and soy-free) but allows legumes, which I personally can eat without any Fibro issues. Plus it advocates one free day per week where I could eat anything. For a while this was working. I felt great during the week and had a chance to indulge on Saturdays. After so many years of being gluten-free, I can typical handle …

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Quick Tip Tuesday

Drink more water

OK so this seems like such a silly post but it’s made such a difference lately that I felt I should share. We all know we’re supposed to drink more water. It’s the #1 tip on every single health and fitness website. But do we ever really follow it? Probably not. At least I didn’t. My morning would start off with a cup of coffee…or two or three. I might have some water at lunch and then switch to tea as I needed the caffeine in the afternoon. But these past couple weeks I decided to make one small change. Every morning within 20 minutes of waking up, I would …

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