Lentil Soup Recipe

lentil soup recipe

Happy Thursday! I promised you a new soup recipe in Monday’s post, so here it is. This recipe is actually a family recipe. And one with a funny story. My mother used to make this lentil soup pretty regularly when I was a kid. And I hated it. Absolutely hated it. Which is why when I called my mother a couple of weeks ago for the recipe, she at first thought I was kidding. I wasn’t. I figured since I’ve enjoyed eating lentils lately  I might finally enjoy my mom’s soup. Granted I did make some changes to the recipe. Sorry Mom. I took out the chicken bouillon cube (because …

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I’m in a cookbook!

Chowstalker ebook

Happy Monday! So if anyone remembers, a little while ago I said on twitter that I was working on an exciting project and couldn’t wait to tell you guys. Today I can tell you guys. I’m in a cookbook! I’m sure many of you are already familiar with Chowstalker. It’s an awesome recipe sharing website for gluten-free, real food recipes that stick to paleo guidelines. Think of it like Pinterest but with a way to search for recipes that are specifically Whole30 approved, 21 day sugar detox approved, egg-free, nut-free, vegetarian (yes paleo vegetarian), or a whole host of other dietary guidelines.  Well back in February, Chowstalker reached out to me to …

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Paleo Fried Okra

paleo fried okra

A little over a week ago I noticed okra on mega sale at Whole Foods. Jake and I are huge fans of this Crockpot Okra Beef Stew recipe so I bought a bunch…and then promptly forgot about them in the back of our fridge. Last night I pulled them out and decided they either needed to be used immediately or thrown out. I just wasn’t sure what to do with them since I didn’t have the rest of the stew ingredients. See the problem with okra is that their insides are super slimy. People work around this by either throwing them into a stew, or breading and deep frying them. …

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WIAW: Meal Ideas and a Crockpot Recipe

WIAW plus crockpot recipe.jpg

Hello! I’ve missed you. Have you missed me? These past couple of weeks I’ve been getting into the groove of my new job (and the commute). Most nights by the time I finally get home I’ve had enough energy to throw some food together, shower, and get straight into bed with a book. To be honest, it’s been a little nice to disconnect. Holly from Holly Would If She Could recently mentioned feeling some “digital fatigue.” I didn’t realize it until now, but I know what she means. But thankfully I think today I’ve learned how to fit blogging back into my schedule: Don’t wait until after work to write …

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Things I Love Friday

Things I love friday

Happy Friday! It has been a long but awesome week. This past Monday I started a new job. (YAY!) Loving it so far. The only hard part is I have to leave the house at 6am to drive to work. Let me just say I’ve been super embarrassed all week by my constant yawning. It’s been a bit of a transition from waking up at 9am these past few months. But hopefully that will go away next week as I figure out my sleeping schedule. Side note: going to bed earlier is not the answer. Tried that yesterday and woke up at 3am… Anyway, because I’m still figure out the …

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My Egg Experiment

Are expensive eggs worth the money.jpg

I am the official grocery shopper at home. Mostly because I enjoy it, but also because I do most of the cooking. I like to think that I buy only the best, especially since going Paleo. Grass-fed meats, quality fruits and veggies etc. But sometimes you just can’t spend $200 on groceries. Especially when your salary isn’t the highest. Yes, it’s an investment in your health…blah blah blah. But let’s be serious. Nobody is perfect all the time. One of my key pieces of Paleo advice is “pick your battles.” Think about what’s important to you and stick true to those. For example, I do not buy processed foods for …

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Things I Love Friday

things i love friday.jpg

Hey guys. Sorry my posts have been few and far between. I promise I’m still here. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been busy working on a few projects outside of blogging. And unfortunately things like cooking and writing fell a few places down on my to-do list. But speaking of to-do lists… The last couple of months I’ve developed a small obsession with planners. Originally I bought one by Martha Stewart, which is basically a knock-off version of the Erin Condren Life Planner. But after a few weeks I realized it’s just way too big. Target to the rescue. While walking through the office supply aisle (like you …

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Spicy “Peanut” Cabbage Salad

spicy peanut cabbage salad.jpg

A couple of months ago I asked what sort of recipes you liked reading on my blog. I had quite a few requests for crockpot recipes (still working on that one) but I also had a request for more light and easy salad ideas. So here you go. Spicy “Peanut” Cabbage Salad Salad Ingredients: 1/2 head of green cabbage, chopped 1/2 head of red cabbage, chopped 1/2 cup of shredded carrots handful of cilantro, chopped  Dressing Ingredients: 5 Tablespoons of Tahini 3 Tablespoons of olive oil 3 Tablespoons of lemon juice 1 Tablespoon of Sriracha (optional: add more Sriracha to taste) Mix your salad ingredients together. I chopped my own …

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Emergency Meals: Freezable Paleo Chili

how to make freezable paleo chili

When people tell me that they don’t have time to cook a real meal, I normally suggest stir-fry. A pound of meat (ground beef, turkey, cubed chicken) plus vegetables (fresh or frozen) plus spices (onion powder, garlic powder, chili pepper, etc) equals a delicious meal in under 20 minutes. The options are endless, it’s easy to make, it’s quick, and it’s way better than some boxed meal from your freezer. I thought the stir-fry option solved all problems. But I forgot one. What happens if you finally make it home after a long day of work and you realize you don’t have any groceries? Instead of reaching for something processed …

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Non-Dairy Yogurt: Yay or Nay?

dairy free yogurts

Ever since I can remember I’ve been lactose-intolerant. My mom even says as a baby I wasn’t able to digest cow’s milk. Of course, I never let that stop me for eating the big three: cheese, ice cream and yogurt. You see I have no problem giving up plain old milk. Sure cereal is nice but you can typically eat around the milk. But oh man, cheese. That’s another story. I can easily eat an entire block in less than a day. And I have….many times. Ice cream is ice cream. Who doesn’t love it (even if it doesn’t love you)? And yogurt, specifically plain Greek yogurt, is the bomb …

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