I originally made this for Jake’s birthday about two years ago. I think I found it on the foodnetwork website, but I’ve seen a lot of different variations on various websites since then. You can wrap the bacon around multiple pieces of asparagus, put it in the oven or even cover it in brown sugar ( like Lauren’s version here from Call Me Mrs. Rapp). But I found that my favorite version is just bacon and asparagus thrown on the grill. 

The other thing that made it absolutely delicious this time was I didn’t use normal bacon, but Hormel’s Black Label Maple Bacon. As soon as you open the package, the smell of the maple hits you. It’s amazing. And what I found surprising was that if you’re watching calories, the regular bacon and the maple are practically identical caloric-wise. The only thing that I do want to point out is that if you’re more on the stricter side of Paleo/primal, the maple flavoring is made with corn syrup. 

Bacon-wrapped Grilled Asparagus
Original recipe found on Foodnetwork (I think)

1 bundle of Asparagus
1 package of bacon (I used Hormel’s Black Label Maple)
About a T of olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
Pour a bit of your olive oil on the asparagus, making sure to coat the whole spear. This will prevent it from sticking to your grill. Then liberally sprinkle salt and pepper. The oil will get the salt and pepper to stick to asparagus.
Wrap each spear with a piece of bacon. You could mix this up however you want. You could take a few spears and wrap them together with a piece of bacon. Or you could slice your bacon in half and just wrap each one with half a slice. 

I unfortunately don’t have a picture of the asparagus on the grill. But what I did was place each one on the grill and turned them every couple of minutes. Depending on how hot your grill gets, it will probably take about 8 to 10 minutes for the bacon to cook. But just keep your eye on them. 

Also something I learned, if you have a gas grill like we do, keep it on medium heat, not high. I had the grill on high heat and it caused parts of the bacon to crisp up really quickly. I still think it tasted amazing, even with the crispy bits. But it would probably turn out better on lower heat. 

Second thing I learned, don’t grill this if you’re wearing loose sleeves, a long skirt or have your long hair loose. Thankfully I didn’t have any of these. But when I went to turn the bacon, the grease dripped into the grill, causing a fire flareup. Granted you should probably never grill anything while wearing loose clothing items that could catch fire…

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