Wanted to write a quick post about some price comparing I did over the weekend. Last week I had been wanting to buy a package of ground flaxseed for a few paleo/primal baking recipes I found. As far as I can tell from other bloggers, ground flaxseed is allowed along with almond flour.

Anyway, while at Jewel-Osco I took a quick look at their heath food aisles, which by the way are pretty good. You can find a ton of gluten-free and other specialty items there. Most of the packages of ground flaxseed ranged between $3 and $4. Not too bad.

I made a note on my shopping list that Bob’s Red Hill, which I’ve heard is a good brand, was sold for $3.59. But I knew that I wanted to stop by Trader Joe’s the following day to buy almond milk and I figured why not take a look there before buying anything.

And I’m really glad that I did. The same exact Bob’s Red Hill Ground Flaxseed Meal was $2.69. For someone on a budget, that’s huge.

I’ve shopped at Trader Joe’s in the past, but have never really been a huge “fan.” You know who I’m talking about. The people who only shop at Trader Joe’s and swear it’s the only place they’ll buy groceries. A lot of times Jewel-Osco, probably just because it’s a much bigger store, will have lower prices. This is especially true when things are on sale.

Well I take it back. I don’t know if this is a recent development or if I’ve just been closed-minded. But for┬áspecialty┬áhealth food items, like flaxseed or things made of almonds, I’m going to check Trader Joe’s first.

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