I was looking back through my photos of this past week and realized I never really took photos of an entire day for “What I Ate Wednesday.” But what I did have was lots of photos of different grilling experiments. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to not only post them, but share some of the things I learned.  

Jalapeño Burger topped with avocado
Jake and I have been experimenting using different spices in our burgers. Normally we just sort of throw things in but this time I thought I’d try something completely different. We had an old bottle of Jalapeño slices in the fridge so I decided to chop some up and throw them into the ground beef. Added some minced onion and a bit of chili powder. The result was an extremely flavorful burger with a bit of a kick. I recommend you giving it a try. Also I want to point out that Jake and I don’t add breadcrumbs to our burgers to keep them paleo/primal. Honestly, you don’t need them. It’s just cheap filler.
Bacon-covered burgers
This one was actually Jake’s idea. We had two lonely pieces of bacon left over, so after Jake made the ground beef into patties, he sliced up the bacon and placed it on top. We ended up using the cast iron skillet for this one and Jake wanted to make sure that I mentioned he cooked those bacon-side down first. That allowed the bacon to crisp up before flipping them over. 
Bacon-covered Asparagus and grilled steak
I posted my instructions for the bacon-covered asparagus yesterday if you haven’t checked it out yet. It’s fairly straightforward and is delicious. The steak is actually a new thing for me. Typically I always have Jake cook steak. He’s a master at it using his cast iron skillet. And he definitely earned that title after a few burn scars. It always comes out perfectly. However this time he let me take over. So I let the meat sit out for about 10 minutes, coated it in a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper, then placed it diagonally on the grill. That’s what gives you the professionally looking grill marks. I left mine on for about 9 minutes total, which might have been just a smidge too long. Also the Thermapen is amazing. It’s expensive but if you cook a lot of meat, it’s completely worth it. (Also comes in pink. Jake bought it in grey).

Soul Seasoning Chicken Thighs
This one was another of Jake’s experiments. On a whim he bought a package of chicken thighs. Normally we’ve always stuck to the breast. After some googling, turns out chicken thighs are a great piece of meat to buy. It’s cheaper than the breast and is high in protein while low in fat. To season it, Jake covered the chicken in “Soul Seasoning,” something else we bought a while ago on a whim. 
According to the ingredients on the Soul Seasoning package, it’s a mixture of: salt, sugar, paprika, smoked paprika, ground turmeric, ground cumin, and ground black pepper. I’m sure if you had those spices you could probably make the seasoning yourself. It definitely added quite a bit of flavor. Originally we were going to throw it on the grill, but just as Jake went to turn it on, we realized we ran out of gas. So we threw it into the oven for 40 minutes. Came out flavorful and crispy.

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  1. I’m also doing low carb lately and always looking for a good blog to follow. So glad I found yours! I agree with you about skipping bread crumbs for burgers. I’m making chicken burgers this weekend and every recipe I find for ground chicken calls for bread crumbs, so hopefully mine won’t be a disaster!

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