After all of the fun I had last time participating in “What I Ate Wednesday” I realized I was super excited to do it again. So many days to choose from. Which one would be the most fun to post. After Sunday’s meal at a friend’s house, the choice became pretty obvious. Although that day definitely was not one of my better paleo/primal days. But hey, we all have cheat days.
Also thanks again to Jenn for hosting. This is such a fun idea. Be sure to click on the picture link above to check out everyone else’s contribution. 
My typical breakfast. I really am obsessed with this yogurt. And it’s so easy to crawl out of bed and grab one. As much as I love cooking, I’m not always wide awake enough to handle knives or hot things. 
My midmorning snack: grande blonde coffee from Starbucks and a pack of almonds. 
Few things about this snack: 
1) Starbucks blonde coffee can be consumed black. It’s not the best coffee, but it also isn’t too bitter.
I’ve been debating whether to add milk or sugar to coffee. I’m technically lactose intolerant. The little bit of milk in coffee doesn’t really bother me. But in the paleo/primal spirit of keeping stuff your allergic to out of your body, I’m starting to wonder if it does more damage than I realize. Also the whole debate between real sugar and fake stuff makes me want to just avoid all of it entirely. 
2) Never buy almonds from Starbucks. I was desperate and needed a snack. But they are ridiculously overpriced. 
The salmon recipe actually came from Lauren’s blog Call Me Mrs. Rapp. When she originally posted it, I made a mental note as something I could quickly whip up when I was too lazy to cook. And while checking out the clearance aisle at Jewel about a month ago, I came across Stubb’s BBQ Sauce. It was gluten-free and $1.00 so I grabbed it. 
This was one of the easiest things I have ever done in the kitchen. And one of the tastiest. Seriously so good! The only difference I made from Lauren’s version was instead of using the broiler, I cooked my fish my typical way (wrapped in tin foil for 15 minutes at 450). I would probably make this all the time however BBQ Sauce, even gluten-free ones, aren’t the best for you. The second ingredient is sugar. But I might try playing with making my own BBQ Sauce for next time. 

For dinner,  Jake and I were invited to participate in Lobster Day. The story is last year, our group of friends went to Boston for the Cubs versus Red Sox game. While there they consumed a large amount of lobster and decided to make it a tradition. 

Now as you can see, I did very little of the cooking. I brought my Spicy Sriracha Coleslaw, which I had made earlier that day, and sat back on the couch as the boys took over. To say it was a Lobster Feast would adequately describe it. They purchased 15 lobster tails and 6 live lobsters. You can see one of the little guys on the left. I was glad I wasn’t in charge of killing him. Although I did chop him in half after he had been killed by boiling water. 
After 3 hours of cooking, we sat down to grilled lobster in butter sauce, my coleslaw, grilled asparagus,  macaroni and cheese made from scratch with lobster meat and a lobster meat hoagie. Hands down one of the best meals I’ve ever had outside of a restaurant. And while it’s true that the mac & cheese and hoagie should be no nos, I decided it was worth it.  
Update: Thank you to Liz from iheartvegetables for reminding me that I completely forgot to post a picture of the shirts we had made. The guys drew up a design and went to local t-shirt making place in the area. Hope this explains why everyone was wearing yellow. 

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  1. you should check out spoonfulofsugarfree for a no-sugar bbq sauce – haven’t tried it but her stuff is pretty good!
    i’ve been checking out the paleo world, too, but haven’t quite jumped on board yet. just like you, i’m trying to figure out what works best for my body

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