So I’m sure you’re a bit confused as to why a 26 year old has never been to a baseball game. Truth is my parents never had an interest in sports. So as I grew up, neither did I. I watched my first basketball game on TV when my college friends took me out to a sportsbar for March Madness (Go Heels!). I watched my first football game on TV when I started dating Jake (Go Blue!). But until tonight, I hadn’t actually witnessed any of this in person.

As always, a big thanks to Jenn for hosting. If you haven’t yet, click on the link to check out everyone else’s entries. Always enjoy reading as many of them as I can on Wednesdays.

So I was pretty happy to discover that Larabars are paleo friendly. Not all of them, but most. (You have to watch out for the peanuts ones). Had this for “breakfast” before heading to the gym. It’s hard for me to really eat a full breakfast in the morning, but this was the perfect amount just to keep me moving. Plus the taste isn’t that bad. Thinking I may keep one in my purse for emergency fuel.

Lunch was delicious. I’m working on a project for an interview I have (cross fingers for me) and decided to hang out in the local tea place around the corner to work on it. Normally I would go to Starbucks, but lately their internet has been a bit shoddy. Thankfully Loose Leaf is amazing. Got a salad and iced green tea. And got about 6 hours of work done.

As for “sensible snacks,” I am obsessed with cherry tomatos. A handfull is the perfect grab and go snack for me. Not too heavy, a little sweet and super refreshing. Although next week I’m thinking about exploring the idea of watermelon.

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of my dinner. Which I’m a bit bummed about. Like I mentioned, I went to my first baseball game. My friend and his wife just had a baby boy two months ago. And since the Tigers were playing the Cubs tonight, my friend really wanted to take his son. Thankfully I volunteered to come along so his wife could finally have a night off. Since I live in Chicago and I was going to a Cubs game, I clearly had to have a Chicago-style hot dog with beer. But of course, since I was at the game with a 2 month old baby, juggling picture taking, baby feeding, hot dog eating and game watching….yeah. Ah well. Instead I’ll give you these:

By the way, the picture on the right was the 7th inning, bases loaded. Tigers score 3 points tying up the game. It got pretty exiting. 

3 thoughts on “WIAW – My first baseball game”

  1. I’m from Boston and I’m not even a baseball fan :-X haha! Just not my sport. I like basketball and football.

    I love cherry tomatoes as a snack!!

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