One of the things that I’ve noticed as I get older, is I have this weird obsession with eating the food that’s in front of me. Even if I’m not hungry. Even if don’t particularly like it. If it’s there, I will finish it. Not sure if this comes from some weird “finish your plate” thing as a child; I can’t remember if that’s something my parents did. But many of my “cheats” when doing paleo come from sneaking bits of bread that come with my salad at lunch or eating the free cookie that I’m offered. 

Free is a big one for me. It’s almost as if I mentally need to “stock up” on food because I have a fear there won’t be any later. But especially now doing the Whole30, I’m working to fix this mental block. If something isn’t Whole30 compliant, even if I realize halfway through, I put the food down and stop eating it. Example: I made Okra Beef Stew on Monday and have been loving it. And it’s Whole30 approved….until I took 5 seconds to look at the label on my chicken broth. Holy moly there are at least 15 ingredients that I should not be eating! So instead of bringing the leftovers for lunch today, I made the decision to not finish it. Thankfully even though Jake is paleo, he’s not doing the Whole30 and volunteered to “take one for the team” and eat it.

Breakfast: Alright I’m boring. Same as yesterday. Two hardboiled eggs and black coffee. And water. I’ve really been trying to force myself to keep drinking throughout the day in order to flush anything out that I need to get rid of.

Lunch: The COO of my company took me out to lunch and thankfully is following a very similar diet to Paleo. So he didn’t scoff when I spent 10 minutes staring at the menu trying to figure out what I could eat. Settled on their chopped salad but asked them to take out the blue cheese and bacon. After reading the ingredients on every single package of bacon at Jewel-Osco, I’m convinced bacon doesn’t exist without sugar. Although I’ve heard rumors about some at Trader Joe’s so I may check that out later.

Snack: Finished the rest of my berries (still can’t believe these were only $1.99 this week). I also wanted to mention a snack that is missing from my photos today – the nuts I had for a snack yesterday. That’s because right after I poured out a handful, I took a closer look at the ingredients. Sure enough, they had cottonseed oil. Darn it. I wasn’t sure about the Whole30’s stance on it so I referred to Mark’s Daily Apple for guidance. And here is where I’m proud of myself. Instead of saying, “well it’s just a little oil,” or “you already spent money on them,” I immediately gave them to a co-worker.

Dinner: I’ve learned two things tonight. One is this might be the BEST chicken I have ever made. And second is I really enjoy kale chips.

First the chicken. I knew I had left over from last night but wanted to do something more exciting than just eating it plain. So I looked at recipe after recipe online when I got home from the gym. But everything that I have bookmarked either isn’t Whole30 approved (has dairy) or I don’t have the ingredients. And after 20 minutes I was so hungry I decided to just wing it. 

1/2 tsp of paprika
1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp of cumin
1/2 tsp of onion powder
salt and pepper

I mixed the seasoning together and then coated my chicken breast in it completely. Then I tossed it in the pan with some olive oil. Wow. Just wow. It was spicy but there were so many different flavors all coming out at the same time. I actually considered saving the very last bite for Jake to try when he got home. But it was too good. I am really thinking about trying to make it again so he can try some tomorrow.

Now for the kale chips. I’ve been seeing these all over the internet for months but never made the jump in actually trying them. So in my attempt to eat more dark leafy greens, I thought tonight was the night. I tore off the leaves from the stem (threw the stems away) and tore them into bite-sized pieces. Then coated them with olive oil. And here is where I made my mistake. I really like seasoning and thought that to really get the flavor I should generously add salt. Mistake! When kale chips are cooked, they shrink. So after 20 minutes in my 300 degree (F) oven, they not only were smaller and crunchy, they were incredibly salty. Thankfully they were still good enough that I ate them. And will be making them again, the right way.

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