This weekend was probably the hardest two days of Whole30 so far. And I knew it would be. I had friends coming into town and knew that drinking would be one of our activities. And I’m going to be totally upfront with this one. I made the choice to drink. I choose my drinks carefully and really pushed myself to limit them. I’m not going to start my Whole30 over. The real point of it was to see if cutting out dairy would make a difference for my pain. But now that the weekend is over, I plan on keeping true to the Whole30 for the rest of my 30 days.

Whole 30 Day 11

 Breakfast: Coffee with almond milk. Blueberries and strawberries.

Lunch: Left over homemade turkey sausage and broccoli from Thursday night’s dinner. 

Dinner: First mistake of the weekend. Friends arrived and we went out to dinner. Decided to go with a burger, no bun, with avocado, tomato, lettuce and bacon. And I got sweet potato fries on the side. Pretty sure those were fried in vegetable oil. But then again, probably everything at the restaurant was.

And then my friends told me they brought us a bottle of wine from a wine tasting they were just at. And as much as I should have said no, I decided to try some. What you can’t tell from the photo is that the glass is very small. It’s just the kind you use at wine tastings. So I allowed myself one glass. I let Jake and my friends finish the rest of the bottle. 

Whole30 Day 12

Unfortunately I completely forgot to take pictures the entire day. I was so preoccupied with friends that I let it slip my mind. However I am proud of some of the decisions I made that day. Even though I also made a few poor ones…

Brunch: Chicken, jalapeño and red pepper omelet from a local diner. The first time the waiter brought it out I was upset to see that they had put cheese on it. After debating for about 2 minutes in my head, I decided to say something and ask for a different one. I went with “I’m lactose intolerant” rather than “I’m on this special Whole30 diet.” The waiter felt so awful that he took my black coffee off the bill and immediately sent me a new one.

The rest of the night….: Went to a friend’s housewarming party. I learned the hardway to always bring my own food to a cookout. I figured I could just eat the burgers plain. The problem was that we waited a few hours to cook them as people filled up on chips and guacamole. It was hard as my stomach growled and I watched everyone else eat, but I was resolved to not touch it. Unfortunately the guacamole had corn it in, so I couldn’t even just eat it plain. As the night wore on, I was able to eat my burger. In fact, I ate three of them. The only side dishes they had were grilled corn, white potato salad and a coleslaw with store-bought mayo and ramen noodles. So I filled up on as much meat as I could.

However, my resolve wained as the night went on and I finally decided I was going to allow myself to drink. I stuck with prosecco and orange juice. And I limited myself to three. And I also checked to make sure that the orange juice didn’t have any added sugar. It was just 100% juice which was nice.

Whole30 Day 13

 Brunch: Woke up at 1pm. I guess I really needed the sleep. Made myself some coffee with almond milk and three eggs over easy. Also added in some green onion and garlic.

 Jake and I headed out to hear a good friend DJ and were in a rush to eat dinner. After depressingly crossing off every restaurant near us because I can’t eat anything there, Jake suggested Chipotle. It would be fast and I could probably figure something out. I went with the carnitas on a salad. And I asked them to put the fajita veggies, salsa and paid extra for the guacamole. It actually was pretty good. Normally at Chipotle I add the salad dressing (which has tons of sugar), cheese and sour cream. Thinking that maybe even after the Whole30 is over, I could probably leave those things off. This was pretty good.

So yeah. Not 100% proud of this weekend. Made some good and bad choices. But hopefully in the end it will be worth it. I did notice one difference so far. Today I slept in until 1pm. And while my back pain still woke me up every now and then, when I finally got out of bed, the pain was manageable. Normally if I laid down for that long, I would be in tears. I will have to wait longer to see, but maybe I’m finally on to something.  

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