First off I just want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support on my last blog post. Immediately after it went live, I regretted writing such a long and “livejournaly” type post. (For those of you my age, you know what I’m talking about). So I was completely taken by surprise when I received such supportive and wonderful comments, tweets and facebook messages. Seriously you guys are the best.

Anyway, I wanted to fill everyone in on how I’ve been doing. Yes I’m still plugging through the Whole30, although I’m trying not to be so obsessive about it. A reader made the good suggestion that given my past relationship with food, I need to take it slow. My goal is to finish off these last few weeks as best I can. After my horrible eating day on Tuesday and then the pain that followed on Wednesday, I’ve been feeling really sluggish. My fibromyalgia pain is still acting up, although it’s not as bad as it was on Wednesday. And I’ve been feeling the chronic fatigue that comes with it.

My thoughts are that my body has to flush out all of the bad that I did before it can start to feel better again. So it really is almost like I’m starting the Whole30 over again in a way. Ah well. A good motivation to keep at it since I know I’ll feel a lot better by next week.

Whole30 Days 16 – 19 (ish)

Breakfasts: I was incredibly excited to see Larabars on sale for $.89 cents each this week at Jewel-Osco. I may have gone a little overboard and bought 10. Not all of them are paleo though. And not all of them are Whole30 compliant. I was pretty excited to find the chocolate coconut chew one. 

Ingredients: Dates, almonds, walnuts, unsweetened cocoa powder, unsweetened coconut.

That’s right. No added sugar. And it’s delicious. While I don’t recommend eating them all the time, since the point is to move away from sweets. When you need that chocolate fix, it is a great alternative.

Snacks: This one is from today. After making breakfast for the two of us, Jake went off to a sailing race to raise money for Leukemia research. Meaning I had the whole Saturday to myself. After stopping by the farmer’s market and the library for a few things, I decided to try a new Brazilian joint on the way home. Went with a mango, banana, kale and coconut milk smoothie. I can’t say it’s my favorite, but I quickly drank it all. 

After some research, I read that smoothies or any liquified food isn’t really Whole30 approved. Which makes sense. The point is to eat real food. Plus you miss out on the body’s digestive processes that come with chewing. However I really am interested in easy ways to get more leafy greens in my system. I can only eat kale chips so many times before I’m ready to move on. Really thinking about giving this a shot in my own blender at home. Even without protein powder, I was pretty full for hours.

Lunches: While getting a regular salad for lunch one day, I came across this great idea shown on the left: tomatos, avocado, parsley and olive oil. I’m a big fan of caprese salad but that’s obviously out now with no dairy. So I loved the idea of using avocado instead. The flavors were great, although I’m not 100% convinced on the parsley part, and the avocado still gave the creaminess that the cheese normally has. 

On the right is leftover chicken from dinner the night before at Chicken Hut. Added hot sauce. Made it that much better.

Dinner: I bought a giant bag of kale the other day in an effort to eat more dark leafy greens. I’ve heard that they are good both for fibro pain and also to keep things moving along bathroom-wise. Decided I wanted to give kale chips another try. Things I’ve learned this round:

1. While it is easier to use a big bag because the thick stem is already cut, I found the pieces to be too small. I put up a picture of the difference in size once it comes out of the oven.

2. Go easy on the olive oil. You really need barely 1/2 a tsp. The more olive oil you use, the less crispy they turn out. Add a little oil, massage it in, and then decide if you need more. You probably won’t.

My last attempt and oven instructions found here.

Last night’s dinner was a fun one. Zucchini pasta with shrimp and avocado cream sauce. It actually turned out pretty good. And I loved the fact that we were eating so many veggies. My one suggestion is definitely add sea salt once it’s plated. It really made such a difference. It’s fine without but the salt brought out a lot of flavor. Link here for the recipe.

3 thoughts on “Whole30 Days 16-19”

  1. I’d recommend cilantro in your salad, and add cumin and lime to the olive oil. Yum!

    You also might like a couple of my favorite soup recipes – chilled carrot soup with cumin and lime, and carrot miso (not sure whether you’re allowed to eat miso, but i make the chilled one without dairy all the time and it’s delicious).

    Finally, I find kale a lot more palatable in a soup where it’s been simmering for hours. And Dinner: A Love Story has a bunch more recipes for it – she has this theory that any dinner is immediately a health rock star when kale is a side dish.

    1. Yum! Thanks for the ideas! I would have never thought to add cumin. Excited to give it a shot. Also I’m normally not a big carrot fan (unless it’s covered in hummus..which I can’t eat anymore), but your chilled carrot soup sounds amazing. When you get the chance, I would love to get the recipe from you.

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