This past weekend Jake and I traveled to Denver, CO for a friend’s wedding. It was my first time there and I am happy to say I was very impressed. Not only was the weather perfect and the views beautiful, but every single person I met was incredibly friendly. I turned to Jake more than once over the weekend to say that I could really see myself being happy to move there. 

So for those of you who live in Denver or plan to visit, this week’s WIAW will hopefully give you some suggestions on what to check out. Thanks as always to Jenn for hosting. 

Jelly Cafe
Saturday morning a group of us were interested in getting together for brunch before heading to a bar downtown to watch the football game (Go Blue!). After asking the front desk person at our hotel, we decided on heading to Jelly Cafe. On their website, they claim to be “The best breakfast in Denver’s Capital Hill Neighborhood” and judging by their Yelp reviews, I think they might be right. Even with our giant group of 15 people (and after changing that number 3 times), we didn’t have to wait too long to be seated. Our waitress was on top of making sure every person had a drink quickly and was helpful in answering any questions.

For those of you who avoid dairy, Jelly actually carries almond milk. I asked on a whim and sure enough they had it. They also have gluten-free pancakes but I can’t comment on how good they are because I decided to break my rules and order their special instead.

Pulled pork eggs benedict. Amazing. Two pouched eggs on corn muffins, lightly covered in hollandaise sauce with roasted potatoes on the side. I’m not really that great at describing food other than with variations of “yum” so I’ll just say that I literally licked the plate clean. Oh and by the way, the owner is a Michigan fan. He came over to say hi when he saw all 15 of us wearing our maize and blue.

Avery Brewing Company
Sunday afternoon a group of us decided to head out of Denver to check out a local brewery. Open seven days a week, they offer one free brewery tour each day. Then afterwards, you can sit down in their pub to drink more or grab a bite to eat. I didn’t take any photos of my lunch because unfortunately I was pretty sick that day and it slipped my mind. However I did take a photo of what I was drinking.

This is actually not on the menu even though it should be. It’s a mix of two of their beers on tap: Eremita IV and Lilikoi Kepolo. When I mentioned that I really dislike the taste of hops, this was suggested by a local. Unfortunately it seems like you can only get these two on location. The Eremita is a sour beer with blueberry and juniper. Lilikoi Kepolo was light, fruity and crisp. The two were amazing together. If they bottled either of them, it would probably become my go-to beer.

For those of you who brew your own beer, Avery posts home brew recipes!

Waffle Brothers
On our last day in Denver, our friend Josh recommended that the three of us check out one last brunch place before heading to the airport. Waffle Brothers is a definite hole in the wall place, hidden in the middle of a residential area. They offer four different types of waffles (traditional, original, whole wheat and gluten-free) with an almost endless variety of combinations of toppings. And since I only have about a week before I am thinking of starting the Whole30 again, I decided to go for it. 

I ordered the Democrat – waffle, marshmallow cream cheese and Nutella. I chose to put it on a gluten-free waffle, although I could see it also being tasty on the original. It was like someone went into my childhood dreams and pulled this idea out. Not too sweet, not too chocolaty. Now if only I could eat this every day. Might have to see if I can invent a paleo version….that would be interesting.

Anyone from Denver? I am definitely planning on visiting again so any other suggestions for when I come back are appreciated.

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    1. Ha. Yup that’s exactly what happened to us. I had a job offer in Denver exactly one year ago next week. But after Jake and I discussed it, decided to stay in Chicago. The good part is his brother lives in CO, so we always have an excuse to visit 🙂 Congrats on your husband’s new job!!

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