In addition to writing this blog, I spend a TON of my time reading blogs. Other cooking blogs, paleo blogs, fitness blogs, even fashion and make-up blogs. And one of the things I’ve seen from time to time are surveys that get tagged around. Well, when I saw this one on Brittany’s blog GOtheXtraMile, I immediately knew I wanted to join in on the fun. So here it goes:

Apple picking or pumpkin picking?

Apple picking, definitely. I haven’t gone in years, but I have vague memories for going with my Girl Scout troop in middle school and high school (yes, I was a girl scout. I have the badges to prove it). It’s awesome to come home with a giant bag of apples. Plus I’ve been told that the best part is drinking the warm fresh apple cider… I cannot vouch for this though since I’m actually allergic. I can have apples but no cider 🙁

Favorite apple recipe?

Umm…do apples and almond butter count? I actually really dislike cooked apples. I know, crazy right? But I’ve never been able to enjoy things like apple pie, with or without whip cream. Last week I even tried my hand at Sautéed Red Cabbage with Apples from Practical Paleo. Sorry Diane. Love the book, but I threw it out. I promise it’s not your recipe, it’s me.

Favorite pumpkin recipe?

I actually just discovered the wonders of cooking with pumpkin. I haven’t been cooking/blogging for that long (only since March), so this is really the first Fall where I’ve spent any time in my kitchen. That being said, last night I filled my entire apartment with pumpkin smells 🙂 Started with some Pumpkin Chicken Chili and added Pumpkin and Walnut Muffins. I would say both were a success and just the beginning of some new pumpkin adventures 🙂

Favorite soup recipe?

Oh boy. This is hard. Because my favorite is actually not Fall related at all. The Chicken Avocado Soup I made not too long ago was awesome. So many tangy flavors rolled into one. Plus it was super filling.

But if we want to stay with the Fall theme, I would say I really enjoyed the Okra Beef Stew I made a while back. Again, very filling. And super easy to make since it’s just all done in the crockpot.

Football: on TV or in the stadium?

So here comes another fun fact that might make you go “huh?!” I’ve never been to a real football game. My college didn’t have a football team so I missed out on all of the tailgating and college chants. The last football game I went to was back in high school, which I suppose could be a “real” football game. But it definitely was not in a stadium.

So yeah…on TV for me.

Favorite football team to cheer for?

Since my college didn’t have a football team, I naturally have adopted Jake’s. The sad part is I may have turned into a bigger fan than he is. GO BLUE!!

Daylight savings time: Love it or hate it?

Love it if I get an extra hour of sleep. Hate it when I forget and show up late to something…

How do your workouts change during the fall months?

Unfortunately I can’t exercise outside (really bad asthma and allergies) so I’m stuck at the gym year round. The one big change is every year I seem to switch gyms in the Fall. Instead of going to the fancy one that’s a bit of a walk from my apartment, I now belong to the gym inside my office building. Absolutely no excuses not to go, even with 3 ft of snow.

Any fashion essentials for fall weather?

OK, let me be clear: I love, LOVE Fall fashion. I look forward to it all Summer. The jeans tucked into knee-high boots, the fun scarves, the blazers. As far as essentials, I immediately think of two things:

1) A nice pair of knee high boots. I actually own a few, but pick the style you know you’ll wear most often. My favorite trend right now that carried over from last year are the equestrian boots. Zappos has a ton of them to choose from. Just search for riding boots on their website. My vote is to get them in a nice brown leather for your first pair since black boots are more appropriate for night. 

2) A well-fitting, fun blazer. I’m not talking about the black blazer you wore to your last interview, but a nice blazer that is less boxy and more relaxed. A blazer added to jeans and a t-shirt immediately can make your outfit look more pulled together (and depending on your office, become appropriate for every day). Or you can wear the same blazer with jeans, a sexy top and jewelry, and all of a sudden you’re ready for a night out. I just bought a new one in a mustard color this Fall but I also have ones in navy and in grey.

Do your meals change when the weather changes?

You mean, besides stuffing our faces with pumpkin? 

Ha no but seriously, I think as soon as the weather gets cooler I immediately gravitate towards chilis, soups and stews. There is definitely something nice about eating something warm when everything else is cold. I have a bunch of new soup recipes that I will be trying in the coming weeks. We’ll see how they turn out.

Favorite fall dessert?

Hm speaking of pumpkin, favorite Fall dessert is definitely pumpkin pie. I don’t have a recipe for it yet, but it’s on my to-do list for November.

Best thing about fall?

Does my birthday count? It’s on September 21, which is right on the border of Fall and Summer. If that doesn’t count, my next vote would probably be Halloween. Ever since I was little, I would go all out for my costumes. I had a little competition that I always had to one-up myself the following year. There have been some pretty good ones over the years. For example, this one, which I had to wear riding the DC Metro to get to a friend’s party in Virginia. And that it my real hair powdered and put up.

Worst thing about fall?

Knowing that in a few months, it will be Winter in Chicago. Why must it be so darn cold here? Brrrr.

Best thing that will happen in Fall of 2012?

That’s a really hard question to answer. I have a lot of awesome stuff planned. Work is sending me to London for a few weeks and possible Dublin  in November. So that will be really exciting. I haven’t been back to the UK since I lived there in 2007.

What’s your favorite things about Fall? Are there any fashion essentials that you think I forgot?

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