So I’m sure a lot of people say this, but I can’t believe it’s already October. My birthday is in September so I’m always pretty happy when that month rolls around. Birthday + beginning of fall + wearing dresses with tights and boots = heaven. October just reminds me that it will be winter soon in Chicago. I’m getting cold just thinking about it. Ah well, at least there’s Halloween.

Yay for the new WIAW theme. I am excited for my post next week. I’m going to try my hand at paleo baking this weekend so I will have a “healthy halloween treat” to share. For other snacks and treat ideas, be sure to check out everyone else over at peasandcrayons. Thanks Jenn!

I had some left over homemade BBQ sauce from the pork tenderloin Jake and I made for sailing Saturday. Decided to cook up some chicken breast to eat with it and added sauteed spinach from the farmer’s market with red pepper flakes. It was alright. I’ve learned that even when using BBQ sauce, it’s good to season your chicken. Otherwise it’s just eh. 


Fall (and winter…) means it’s time for soups and chilis. Monday night I came home after spending almost an hour stuck in traffic and was too “hangry” to cook (hangry = irritable because you’re hungry). So the soup on the left is from a box – roasted red pepper and tomato. I did add a little coconut cream just for fun. Reminded me of when my mom used to add sour cream to my tomato soup as a kid.

On the right is actually a new chili recipe I made in the crockpot. Decided to quickly write up the recipe tonight – Crockpot Beef and Chicken Sausage Chili. Yay for crockpot recipes!

Fall also means “_______ spice” everything! Bought this looking for a bit of a pick-me-up during my 3pm slump at the office. Plus side is this smells amazing! You can definitely smell the vanilla. It’s warm and comforting. The downside is it doesn’t taste anything like it. Personally I think it just tastes like water. I even let it steep extra long to see if it will help. Nope. Also the caffeine wasn’t enough for me. Don’t waste your money. 


I am still eating out but finding ways to make it work for the Whole30 as best I can. On the left side is a very dark picture of dinner with Jake for “date night.” Ordered a bunless burger with onions, lettuce, tomato and avocado. And instead of fries got green beans. Definitely didn’t miss the bun or the fries. 

On the right is a bit of a fail. This is actually from a vegan place in downtown Chicago. I know what you’re thinking “But you eat paleo? Vegan?” Yup, Native Foods is delicious! Even if you aren’t vegan you should check them out. Everything is obviously dairy free, and they offer gluten and even soy free options. This was their newest salad: mixed veggies, greens, salsa, avocado, angel hair beets and sprouts. It is dairy, soy and gluten free. The fail is it still made me sick. I must have been allergic to something in it. From my reaction, my guess is it was contaminated with soy somehow…boo.

I wish this picture had turned out better because it was such a nifty idea. No I didn’t eat any of it, so I’m not sure it’s exactly WIAW appropriate but thought I’d share anyway. Went to a cool party thrown by a marketing firm where my friend works. It was two floors: one floor was 1920s themed with a swing band and drinks from prohibition, the second floor was future themed with a DJ playing techno and the spread of food shown above. They had Slim Jims, Goldfish, Twinkies, mixed nuts with M&Ms and Ritz Crackers with Cheesewhiz. I thought it was great commentary on how much our “food” has changed. 

And finally speaking of how our food has changed, I decided I wanted to insert a picture of my grocery haul from tonight. As I was in the check-out line I noticed what a mother and her son were buying: sugary cereal, milk, cheese and peanut butter crackers, twinkies, lots of soda, lots of fake fruit juices, donuts, zebra cakes, etc. Basically everything (minus maybe the milk) that is terrible for you. And their bill rang up to $124!

As you can see in my picture, those are our groceries for the rest of the week: lots of produce (including squash! Yay), chicken, bacon and even grass-fed beef (it was on sale!!!). You know how much I spent? $44. Anyone who says they can’t eat healthy because it’s too expensive is full of crap. 

3 thoughts on “WIAW with a Mini Grocery Store Haul”

  1. Much better grocery haul than the mother and son! I’d take fruit and veggies over twinkles any day! Also, you’re so right about the whole ‘how our food has changed’ thing. In a way their idea for a bowl of mixed is cute for a kids party, but when they set it up like that, it really makes you notice that things have changed.

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