Greeting from London! I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a WIAW. And even now, I’m running a bit late. Probably should have written this blog post last night but after working all day, I pretty much fell asleep with my clothes on. Anyway, here is a quick WIAW London Edition.
My food choices while traveling have been a little slim. Although my hotel does have a gym (yay!) it does not have a microwave…or a fridge. So my original thought of buying a few healthy options to keep in my room went out the window. I never thought I would actually be sick and tired of eating out every day. And honestly some of my decisions haven’t exactly been healthy…
Like this for example. Yes that is a bag of salt and vinegar chips (aka crisps) and a candy bar. To be fair, that was only one treat that I allowed myself the entire two weeks that I’ve been here. The chocolate and chips are so much better here than in the United States. I decided I was going to allow myself just one (and will probably take one back so Jake can try them).


Although the photos are that great, these two small dishes were amazing! I met up with an old friend from DC who is going to law school here in London. After learning that I love Indian food, she took me to her favorite place. Such a good decision. The above was salmon and the below chicken cooked with onions and peppers. I wish I had written down what exactly was in them so I can recreate it at home.
In an effort to avoid the millions of sandwich places for lunch, I found a small Japanese take-away place. This is salmon three ways. Tasty and not too bad health-wise since the rolls didn’t have anything in them except for the salmon and avocado.
Speaking of healthy lunches, I found this at a small lunch place called Tossed. It’s paleo! Just dates and cashews. Reminded me a lot of the Lara Bars in the States.
And something not paleo…proper English tea. That’s a small scone with a scoop of clotted cream and jam. So tasty. I’m not a huge fan of clotted cream or jam but when you put the two together it’s a completely different story. Also yes, that is milk in my tea. Like I said, proper English.
And lastly, something else proper English that’s food related. Last night I walked around Oxford Circus and noticed this Christmas light decoration. I immediately took a photo for my friend Stacy. If you can’t read it, it’s a picture of Marmite. And it says “You either love it or you hate it.” Ha!

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