Last week I met up with an old friend over dinner. Like I mentioned in my Whole30 Check-in post, eating at restaurants while on the Whole30 has been a bit of a hassle. But I stuck to my guns and ordered a plain salad. Nothing but some leafy greens, tomatoes, onions etc with a bit of lemon juice for dressing. And while I enjoyed catching up with my friend, the overwhelming smell of burgers and fries started to get to me. The moment we said goodbye, I walked straight to the grocery store for ground beef and sweet potatoes. If I couldn’t have any at the restaurant ( because who knows what it’s been cooked in ), then I was just going to have to make my own.

I’m calling this a quick post because I didn’t really bother taking photos. It was a Friday night and Jake and I were eager to finish cooking dinner in order to sit down to watch the 1st season finale of Homeland. But I thought it was worth sharing in case anyone is interested.


  • 1 lb of ground beef (I used grass-fed but if you can’t, get it super lean)
  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 2 tsps of smoked paperika
  • 1 bunch of parsley
  • 1 tablespoon of ghee
  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced



With my hands I made 6 small burgers from the ground beef. Growing up, my mom used to make burgers with breadcrumbs and eggs. However now on the paleo diet, I’ve realized that those breadcrumbs are just a cheap filler. And like I mentioned in my paleo meatloaf post, if you don’t use breadcrumbs, you don’t need the eggs.

I fried them up in a pan with some olive oil until they reached an internal temperature of about 140 degrees (F).


Sweet Potato Fries:

My CSA box came with an organic sweet potato, so I was curious to see how it compared to the regular one I bought at Jewel-Osco.


The pile on the left is the organic sweet potato, the regular one is on the right. Not sure if you can really see it, so I made the photo a bit larger. The organic sweet potato is a good deal darker and more saturated in color, while the store-bought one is a lot lighter, almost splotchy. I can’t tell you how they differed in taste, since I mixed them all together when I cooked them, but that might be a fun experiment for the future.

For the fries, I placed the slices in a large bag and added a bit of coconut oil and smoked paprika. Jake was the one that got me using this method. Every fry gets coated but your hands never get messy. Just dump it out on some tin foil on your cookie sheet and throw the bag away.

I cooked my fries at 450 degrees for about 25 minutes.


Parsley Topping:

I’ve made sweet potato fries and burgers before, but here is where I branched out into new territory. In my CSA box, we got a bunch of parsley. And to be honest, other than at Passover Sedar, I don’t think I’ve ever had parsley. I honestly didn’t think it was that special.

So I took a few handfuls of the stuff, minced it up, and mixed it into a bit of ghee with minced garlic. I then spread it on top of the burgers.


This was exactly what I needed to remind myself that I could have my burgers and fries too. The ghee melted a bit as it sat on top of the warm burgers and added a really nice flavor to the meat. It actually got me interested in seeing how other herbs might work. I might try this next time with some basil or chives.

2 thoughts on “Quick Post – Burgers with Parsley Butter and Sweet Potato Fries”

  1. The recipe sounds okay, but making potatoes in a bag is wasteful and honestly, lazy. Just toss them in a bowl with your hands, wash your hands and the bowl, and let that be that.
    Better that than needlessly adding plastic to the landfill just so God forbid you have dirty hands that need to be washed. Because then you have to go to your sink and turn the convenient knob and put your hands under the water that magically comes flowing forth.
    The horror.

    1. You know what “mmmhmm” you are absolutely right. The way I wrote the post was incredibly wasteful. And I was not only wasteful myself, but was encouraging my readers to be wasteful themselves. The bag idea is actually more than just getting your hands dirty. It’s about making sure that the sweet potatoes are evenly coated, which is actually a lot easier to do with a bag than with your hands. However what I should have written in my post was that after you used the bag, you can actually give it a rinse and keep it to the side for the next batch, which is actually something I’ve started doing. Unfortunately not because I have the earth’s best interest in heart but because I didn’t want to spend the extra 10 cents buying new ones.

      In the future, I will make sure that I am more conscious about my laziness when writing recipes on my blog. Because heaven forbid someone take my blog writing seriously and begin throwing out bags willy nilly!

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