Well it’s officially been a whole week on my Whole30. And let me tell you, I feel amazing. Because, and this is huge, my fibromyalgia pain is at an all time low! Seriously. Now it might just be a coincidence, so we’ll see how it is in a few more weeks. But this is already amazing.

Typically, on a scale of 1-10, I average around a 5 on low days, 10+ on bad days. And my number one trigger for bad days is, unfortunately, laying in bed. Which means all those lovely Saturdays where you just rest in bed for hours reading have been out of my life for the last two years. Unless I want to start crying from the pain.

The other time you just lay in bed? When you’re sick. Like I’ve been for the past week. On New Year’s Day I got slammed with bronchitis. It’s been pretty awful. Especially because of my asthma. I’ve been battling it all week but it keeps winning. So what have I been doing? Laying in bed, reading and watching TV. And was totally ready to be in tears by day two and have to take my Vicodin. Only the pain never came!

Anyway, just wanted to share that bit of news. Overall, I’m finding this Whole30 a lot easier than my last one. Maybe it’s because I’m sick and therefore not really eating anything besides soup anyway ( Which by the way is causing a few of it’s own problems, since almost all canned soup is out ). But whenever I get a craving for the typical “I’m sick, I want” ginger ale and ice cream, I just tell myself that in the end it will only make me feel worse, not better. Ginger ale won’t quench my thirst as much as water will. Ice cream will probably just make the grossness in my chest and lungs thicker.

So, what have I been eating? Well here we go:



First off lots of soup. The top was a cauliflower and sweet potato soup. I’m not really sure if I want to even bother posting that recipe. Personally, I thought it was way too complicated to make when you’re sick. I actually got pretty frustrated during the process. And in the end, I wasn’t that impressed with the results.

In the purple bowl was a stew I will be sharing this week. So tasty. Beef and sweet potato in the crockpot. Super easy to make and the meat was so tender.


Another recipe I will be posting soon. Meatloaf. I’ve actually never had meatloaf before, much less cooked it. But I heard it was a great thing to bring for breakfast and lunches at work because you could eat it cold or warm. I tried it both ways. Definitely prefer it warm.


And finally, the easiest meal I made all week. I took about 1/2 lb of turkey, cooked it up in a little olive oil with onions, peppers, paprika and turmeric. Steamed broccoli at the same time. The whole thing took less than 15 minutes and it was delicious. One thing I’ve really been struggling with is allowing myself to KISS ( Keep it simple stupid ). Just because I enjoy cooking and I enjoy blogging about it, doesn’t mean I need to get all crafty in the kitchen. Sometimes all you need is some meat, some spices and a lot of veggies.

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