Happy What I Ate Wednesday everyone! Wasn’t really sure if we were doing #102 since I couldn’t find a new graphic for January but I figured I would write this post up just in case. Like I mentioned in my last post, I’m doing the Whole30 again. This time with a bunch of other bloggers including Holly Would If She Could and Nom Nom Paleo. And this time I’m doing it correctly thanks to actually reading “It Starts With Food.”

Which by the way, I recommend this book to everyone. Even if you know for a fact that Paleo is not for you (ex. you’re vegan), I still think it’s worth a look. It’s filled with great information on how food affects you. Also if you are vegan or vegetarian but want more information, check out these two links:

A PDF shopping list by the Whole9 gang on how to do the Whole30 as a vegetarian

A blog post No Meat Athlete on her 8 week Vegetarian paleo experiment

Anyway here we go, WIAW on my first day on the Whole30. Don’t forget to check out everyone else’s post over at Peasandcrayons.com

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Alright so technically this was the night before Whole30 Day 1, but I was so proud of myself that I wanted to share. I cooked lobster for the first time by myself. And it was so easy. Took less than 30 minutes to get the whole meal on the table. I took lots of pictures and will be posting instructions soon. Also I made cauliflower rice, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to make. Especially now that I bought this new toy:


That is the Hamilton Beach Immersion Blender with a food processor attachement. Bought it for $25 at a kitchen store outlet. Although it’s a bit of a pain to put together (would not be my first choice in blenders), it’s amazing how much easier it is now to make “rice.” Before I was making it in the regular blender, which worked but I had to scoop out the bits with my hands because it would get stuck in the blender. And then washing the darn thing was a nightmare. So much easier now.


Speaking of blenders, something else I made today, Broccoli Soup. After waking up with killer hangovers, I knew Jake and I needed something 100% clean that would help our bodies recover. Already posted the recipe for those who are interested 🙂


This afternoon we decided to venture out of the apartment for some fresh air and something to eat. So we walked over to Rocks, mostly because it is a block away and also because they were showing the Michigan game. Now here is one of the big differences between this Whole30 and my last one. No sweet potato fries or bun-less burger for me. In fact, I didn’t even eat the dressing there on the side but instead asked the waitress for a few slices of lemon to use as dressing. Even though it’s OK for me to eat sweet potatoes on the Whole30, it’s not OK for them to be deep fried in canola oil. And if you’re ordering them at a restaurant, that’s most likely the case.


And finally, our really late dinner. Roasted brussel sprouts (my favorite!) and a really lean cut of steak.

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