Happy Monday! I thought I’d do another Marvelous Monday posts to start the week off on the right foot. This will also be a Motivational Monday post since I’ve been using a new iphone app that I wanted to share. And no, this is not a sponsored post. They didn’t give me anything and they don’t even know I’m writing this post. I actually heard about it from another fitness blogger that I follow on instagram.

Fit Radio

The app is called Fit Radio. I downloaded it for free although it seems like they also have a premium version (which also looks like it was on Groupon). Just download the app from the app store and then create a free account. It’s pretty clear that they really want you to use Facebook to create your account but if you look underneath in tiny letters it does say “or sign up with email.”

Fit Radio ReviewI’m still learning my way around the app but along the bottom you’ll see a few choices: Genres, stations, favorites, DJs and settings. So far the only thing I’ve gotten to work is stations. Which honestly is good enough for me.

The one I typically chose is the most popular one “Gyms/Cardio workout!” Either that or “Marquee Las Vegas” which apparently is an actual radio station coming from Vegas.

Both of these stations play a mix of top 40/house. Basically high-energy music you would hear at a popular club downtown. And even though the¬†premium¬†account says “ad free” I haven’t been hearing any ads with the free version. Maybe they’re on the screen and I don’t see them during my workout?

They also have different stations for music with different BPMs. If you pick “5k/10k,” all of the music is kept between 125 – 132 BPM. The “Lounge” station has slower music for your warm up and cool downs. They have a “Chakra” station for meditation. And they even have a “Zumba” station. Seriously.

Now, this app still has its growing pains. It has crashed a few times which is annoying. And occasionally it just won’t work at my gym since it’s a data dead zone (which is really my gym’s fault, not the app’s). But so far I’m loving it. The music is perfect for really pushing me at the gym. Here’s proof:

proof that I exercised harder

That’s a picture of my heart rate monitor from Saturday morning. Did a full body circuit of weights and some plyometrics with only 25 minutes of cardio (on the elliptical). 563 calories. I felt so energized during this workout. It’s interesting how good music can really motivate you to push harder.

Anyway, just thought I’d share. I’ve got a workout planned for this afternoon and I will hopefully be using it (if the dead zone that is my gym will let me). If not, I always have Glitch Mob. Which if you haven’t listened to them you should. I swear I can lift 10 to 15 lbs heavier when listening to their Drink the Sea album.

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