Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I actually spent most of mine relaxing. Saturday, Jake and I walked to Kumas Too, a really awesome burger place near our apartment. Unfortunately as much as I enjoyed eating The Slayer – “pile of fries topped with a 10 oz. burger, chili, cherry peppers, andouille, onions, jack cheese, and anger,” my stomach did not appreciate it. Basically put me out of commission for the rest of the weekend. Lesson learned. Cheat meals might not be worth it.

weight liftingAnyway, this Motivational Monday post is one I’ve been meaning to write for months. I was out with a girl friend and we were talking about weight lifting. I really love it and thankfully the gym in my condo building has a good variety of dumbbells. I typically use anywhere between 15 lbs – 30 lbs, depending on what body part I’m working on.

Well when I mentioned how heavy I lifted my girl friend replied that that was way too heavy for her. She didn’t want to “get bulky” but instead wanted just a lean look.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard this at least 1000 times. Lifting heavy weights will not, I repeat, will not make you “bulky.” I don’t care how easily you put on muscle. Maybe, maybe at the very beginning you might look a little bigger because the muscle is getting bigger but you still have a large amount of fat around it. But as you continue (aka a couple of weeks), the fat will start to melt off, leaving long and lean muscles underneath.

But you swear that you’ve seen women who are way too bulky for your taste. They must be lifting heavy. Sure, but they also eat 3,000+ calories, take a ton of supplements and have been working at it for years. If you are trying to lose weight and lift weights 4 times per week, you aren’t going to wake up the next day with 40 extra lbs of muscle.

However, say you still aren’t convinced. Sure you’ve heard people say this but you are different. You put on muscle like crazy. So instead you’ll just stick to your 3lb and 5lb dumbbells for your bicep curls.

Well that got me thinking. When you say you don’t want to lift heavy, what does “heavy” actually mean?

workouts for women

3 lbs = iron

weight lifting for women

 5 lbs = 2 litter bottle of soda

weight lifting for women

 10 lbs = full grown maltese

weight lifting for women

 15 lbs = an average bowling ball

weight lifting for women

 25 lbs = an average two-year old

air conditioner

 55 lbs = 5,000 BTU air conditioner

 Now that that’s established, let’s think about it. Does ironing your clothes give you the toned arms you want? Then why would a 3 lb dumbbell? How about lifting a 2 liter bottle of soda? Hopefully you don’t drink soda, but if you did, would pouring a soda give you nice biceps? Didn’t think so.

You think that 10lb dumbbells are too heavy. That you will get bulky. Well how often do you pick up your dog? Does carrying her around give you He-man arms?

Or what about how many times your kid asks to be picked up? For my moms out there, have you turned into the incredible Hulk since having a child? Do you tell your son or daughter that you can’t carry them because you’re afraid of getting “bulky?”

I get that lifting heavy can be scary at first. It goes against so many things that we as women have been taught. But I just really hope that this blog post will at least get you to put down the 3lb dumbbell and pick up the 15. It’s either that or you can start doing bicep curls with your dog….

*PS I do not advocate doing bicep curls with your dog…that was a joke….

5 thoughts on “Motivational Monday – What Is Lifting “Heavy?””

  1. Yeah, this drives me crazy! I love lifting heavy… and no I don’t look like a body builder lol. I hate watching women lift 3 lbs weights. I also hate watching the majority of people at the gym spend the entire time mindlessly on the cardio equipment!

  2. THANK YOU! What a stunningly simple way to make the case that lifting heavy won’t make you bulky! Although, I must admit, I do use my kids as weights for squats and Russian kettle bell swings. They love it!

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