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Yay Friday! One of the things I love about Fridays are Holly’s “Fun Things to Read on a Friday.” Everyone can agree that by Friday afternoon, no one is really working anymore. Because let’s be honest, we’re all just surfing the internet. So if you are bored of looking at cat videos, why don’t you check out some of these:

I’ve mentioned Savannah (aka MuffinTopLess) before in a Motivational Monday post. Her post “How to Deal with Negative People” is definitely worth a read. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have a partner that not only supports me but encourages me to work out, lift heavy and eat real food. But not everyone has that. I thought Savannah’s post hits the problem spot on.

Jimmy, aka LivingLowCarb Man, shared this article on twitter. Scary to think what might be in our food that we don’t know about.

One of my favorite articles that I read this week was a guest post on Mark’s Daily Apple. David Maren of Tendergrass Farms wrote “What You Should Know About Poultry Production Claims.” The article is incredibly well researched and worth a read. Also you can check out his other post “What You Should Know About Pork Production Claims.”

I will be doing this to my nails this weekend 🙂

Alright that’s enough for now. What fun things have you been reading this week? Anything I should check out?

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