healthy-Whole30Last December when I was racking my brain for a name for this blog, I knew I didn’t want to include the word “paleo.” Although I was eating paleo at the time, and knew that by doing so was having great success reducing my fibromyalgia pain, I didn’t want to be automatically thrown into the paleo corner. What if months down the line I decided to post a recipe for gluten-free pasta or white potato salad? Would the paleo gods scream in my comment section calling blasphemy? (You laugh but I’ve seen it happen many times to popular paleo bloggers).

Painfreekitchen is a place to document my journey in reducing my fibromyalgia symptoms by changing what I eat. And hopefully to help others going through the same. I am by no means perfect in my eating. I am human. Which means I go through the same cravings, slip ups and eventual regrets just like you do.

So what’s this post about? I’m writing because I feel like I did a disservice to my readers. On July 1st I said I was starting a Whole30. And I even convinced a few of you to join me. Only even as I was writing that first post, I kept feeling like I was doing something wrong. If you’re going to do a Whole30, you do not eat quinoa. You don’t eat gluten-free bread. There are no “but just this one thing,” or “I’ll do a Whole30 except I’m still going to eat ____.”


In order to do a real Whole30, to get the results that I got back in January, I need to do a real Whole30. Only I wasn’t ready for that. I was doing my own food experiment and since that included cutting out gluten, legumes, dairy, sugar and alcohol, I thought I would just call it a Whole30.

It’s time to come clean. I am not doing a Whole30. I am not sure I would even call it eating paleo. I’m eating meat and veggies, I’m drinking water (and coffee, duh), and I’m consuming gluten-free grains. But that’s not the important part. I’m eating real food and I’m eating a lot of it. In fact more than I think I’ve ever eaten in my life. I think I’m somewhere around 1500 – 1600 calories per day. Although I’m not counting them. I’m paying someone else to count them for me.

A reader a few days ago asked why I was eating only egg whites for breakfast instead of the yolks. And as I was trying to explain “don’t be afraid of the yolks,” I realized I needed to tell you the truth.

whole30I’m paying someone to help me learn how to eat. Even though I’m not anorexic and didn’t look particularly thin, I had been drastically under-eating without even realizing it. Because that’s the way I had eaten for years. (And that’s why my body would suddenly gain 10lbs after one high caloric weekend). But the problem with paying someone to help you learn how to eat, especially a professional, is they’re going to believe whole-heartedly that fat makes you fat. Because that’s what they’re taught.

I went back and forth on whether or not I should follow her plan exactly. But in the end I decided I will. Do I miss the yolks? Hells yes. But my diet is still filled with other fat sources like avocado and coconut oil that it’s not a huge deal for me. Do I think you should follow what I’m eating? That’s up to you. Do what’s right for your body. But I will be posting more of my meals. And plan on posting lots of recipes.

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