wiaw sensible snacking buttonHappy Wednesday! Haven’t done one of these for a while. But I’m trying something a little different with my food this week and wanted to share.

But first, an explanation. Maybe some of you already knew this but it was definitely news to me. I apparently don’t eat enough. I’ve never been big on breakfast. And I rarely snack. So when I was posting my last Whole30 meals like this and this, I thought they were completely normal.

Note to self (and everyone else) – A handful of nuts does not equal breakfast. An apple with black coffee is not a meal. Fail Rachel. Major fail. The sad part is I’ve been eating like this for years. And while I have overcome my battles with anorexia, I guess I still haven’t quite learned what a real day’s worth of food is.

Well, it’s time to change all that. So here we go, this is what I’ve been eating:


This sweet stack is what I bring to work every day. Breakfast, lunch, snack and post workout. PS if anyone has a good lunch box recomendation that will hold all of this please let me know. I’ve been using plastic bags…not the most stylish.


Breakfast: Four egg whites with pineapple salsa and hot sauce. 1/2 cup gluten-free oats. I did mention that even though I am doing the Whole30, that I’m allowing myself to incorporate certain gluten-free grains in order to pump up my caloric intake. If this is your first Whole30, do not do this! Do it right. However for me, this is necessary until I can learn what a proper breakfast looks like.


Plus Starbucks. Black.


Lunch: Sautéed sweet peppers over ground turkey and 1/2 cup quinoa. (Again, quinoa is typically not Whole30 approved). But this meal can be. Easy swap? Take out the quinoa and put in cauliflower rice.


Pre-workout snack: Gluten-free bread with almond butter. Doing the Whole30 correctly? Skip the bread. Eat the almond butter off a spoon 🙂 Just kidding. Switch out the bread for an apple.


Dinner: Beef with broccoli and a side of guacamole. Sorry I don’t have a recipe for this one. Jake actually made it! Most likely it was just cooked in some olive oil in a pan. He did say he used quite a bit of “that red stuff” aka possibly chili powder for the broccoli.  (To be fair, he knows what chili powder is. By “that red stuff” he meant “what I think is chili powder only you never label your spices!”)

So there we go. Baby steps. You might be thinking “hey Rachel, what part of doing the Whole30 are you actually doing?” I know I know. Lots of suspicious grains. But for me, this is how I need to learn. Plus still no boxed foods, gluten, sugars, dairy, legumes or alcohol, etc.

7 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday is Back!”

  1. Interesting that you’re using the paleo diet for pain…do you find it’s working? I have an aunt who suffers from fibromyalgia as well and would love to pass on any good info to help her. 🙂

    1. Yes! It definitely does. Check out my post “Doctor Update: Fibromyalgia and Allergy Update.” That should give a good background on what I’ve discovered so far 🙂 And pass along my contact info. Your aunt is more than welcome to email me if she wants to talk about it. It’s really hard for people to understand what we go through so let her know she’s not alone <3

  2. Question on the egg whites… do you have a sensitivity to egg yolks? I’ve seen on other Paleo blogs that some people prefer the higher fat intake and would use the egg yolks.

    1. Hey Tara. No I actually love egg yolks. And you’re right, until this week I always included them. And that’s what I recommend. The reason I left them out is I’m working with a trainer who is helping me plan my meals. She suggested eating my carbs in the morning and my fats in the evening. The idea is supposed to be because carbs will be used up during the day but fats, which take longer to digest, will keep giving you energy as you’re sleeping.

      Now do I believe this? Not really. I think it’s all “bro-science.” But I figured it doesn’t hurt to just experiment and see how it makes me feel. If you’re trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast, my suggestion is to eat the whole egg 🙂 So many good nutrients in them. But I’ll keep you guys updated on my carb/fat experiment.

      1. ohh, gotcha! Yeah, I thought Paleo folk were all for the good fats so I was confused. Interesting experiment though, and I definitely will love to hear how that turns out. Every body is different, so you never know.

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