What I Ate WednesdayIt’s currently 11:00pm, I’ve been running around since 6am this morning and somehow in all of that I managed to get a bi’s/tri’s workout AND yoga in today. And you know what? I couldn’t be happier. I love my new job even with the crazy hours.

The only downside like I said last week is trying to find time to blog. So on Monday I made a point to experiment with a new recipe to share with you guys. Only to fail. Hardcore. I hated it. Jake said it was OK but what he really means was “it was edible.” Sigh.


This, my friends, is roasted fennel (and ground beef with thai seasoning). Looks appetizing right? Noooope. I bought a head of fennel from Trader Joe’s for the first time over the weekend. And decided since roasting makes everything delicious, to try it at 380 degrees (F) for about 30 minutes. But just to spice it up a bit, I would add 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar to the oil when I coated it.

The balsamic vinegar wasn’t the issue. It’s fennel! Who actually likes this vegetable? I suppose I should have known better since I’m not a huge black licorice fan either. Because the other name for fennel is anise…

Jake told me the next day that his office served roasted fennel and carrots. Thankfully he wasn’t a big fan of that dish either. So I’ve officially decided that fennel sucks, not my cooking.


At this point I decided to just stick with my staples. So I give you sautéed sweet potato and onions (one of my favorite dishes in life) with ground pork.


And roasted brussels sprouts (also one of my favorite dishes in life) with again, ground beef. Although this time I did add a tablespoon or two of balsamic vinegar to the brussels sprouts. Not really sure it improved the dish but whatever.


And finally, I have to share this. My friend Lee May owns an AMAZING candy shop with his family on Mackinac Island, MI called May’s Candy Shop. And two weekends ago while Jake was up on the island (after getting 2nd place in the Race to Mackinac !!!), Lee surprised me by giving Jake fudge to take home!

I cannot begin to describe how good this fudge is. No it’s not paleo. No it’s not on my diet. Who the hell cares? If you are anywhere near Mackinac Island or are planning a trip there, I highly recommend you check it out. And tell him Rachel from Pain Free Kitchen sent you 🙂

PS. In case you are interested, the flavors were: chocolate, dark chocolate, pecan, blueberry (don’t be fooled, this one is really good!), peanut butter and peanut butter chocolate. And we also got a giant turtle (the chocolate kind, not the pet) and a piece of toffee.

Can’t make it to Mackinac Island? Don’t worry, they will ship it to you 🙂

Alright, that’s it. Time for bed. Happy What I Ate Wednesday everyone!

2 thoughts on “WIAW: Fennel Failure and Fudge”

  1. Hey, I found your website on clothesmakethegirl.com
    I recently found out I have an under active thyroid and am sifting through paleo&gluten free blogs.
    I love how you will still eat things (even if its not 100% paleo) aka the fudge. I have seen a lot of blogs where people will go above and beyond just to follow the “rules” of their diet, but if you can cheat every once in awhile you might as well so that you can continue on enjoying life. 🙂
    I’m excited to look through some of your recipes. Cheers!

    1. Hi Casey! Ha funny you found me from Clothesmakethegirl because when I first read your comment I saw thyroid and immediately was going to suggest you check her blog out 🙂

      Yes, I definitely still eat things that aren’t paleo. Personally I think everyone does. They just don’t say it publicly on their blog. I wanted to be super real. The only thing is I don’t believe in “everything in moderation” nor do I believe in “cheats.” And it took me a LONG time to get there. What is moderation? Is it on special occasions? What’s a special occasion? Is a Friday night special occasion? And if it’s a cheat, then how often will you cheat? Once a week? For the whole day? For one meal?

      Anyway you get it. The way I think about it is I learned through trial and error which foods agree with me and which don’t. I know that when I eat a paleo diet (specially gluten, dairy and soy free) my fibroymalgia pain disappears. So if a co-worker brings cookies into work, I have to ask myself, is the cookie worth the pain later? Sometimes it is. Like when they’re from Potbellys (so good!). But if it’s some boxed Oreo garbage? Nah.

      I personally think the biggest improvement anyone can make when trying to switch to paleo is just stop eating processed foods (the second biggest is cutting out gluten). I looked at your blog 🙂 I think making pizza with garbanzo beans really isn’t a big deal. Indulging in Domino’s pizza because you’re too tired to cook? Kind of a big deal.

      Anyway, that was a long reply 🙂 Happy that you enjoy my recipes 🙂 And looking forward to hearing more about how your journey. Once I learned food could drastically change my health, it was definitely life changing 🙂

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