Happy Friday! My life continues at a hectic pace, so I still haven’t had much time to play in the kitchen. Like my last two WIAW posts showed, my meals are pretty much the same simple meals over and over again. (Although I hope everyone noticed that I haven’t resorted to eating frozen meals or other junk just because I’m busy. It takes less than 15 minutes to cook up stir-fry. “I don’t have time to eat real food” is not a valid excuse).

Anyway, I’ve been feeling guilty that I’ve had nothing fun to share. So here are some fun things that I’ve found on the internetz for you to read instead:

  • Thanks to Meatified for sharing this interesting article on BPA and BPS. Now I’m definitely interested in taking a closer look at some of my water bottles.
  • Did you start a Whole30 yesterday? If you did (or are thinking about starting soon) I highly recommend you check out this post by Melissa from The Clothes Make the Girl. Her “hot plates” is basically what I’ve been calling stir-fry. Meat + veggies = meal. But she also has some great tips on meal prepping and links to awesome resources to help.
  • I’ve just started reading Veronika’s blog and I’m already in love. This post is a good reminder for everyone to wear sunscreen and stay away from tanning beds.
  • I’ve tried couponing on and off but this post really made me want to make my binder pretty. In fact, her whole blog makes me want to make my life pretty. Sigh. But who has the time?
  • I normally don’t bother reading all of the Buzzfeed articles but this one totally pulled on my heart strings.
  • Friend of mine sent me this workout yesterday. I think we already know that HITT is great so I’d be interested to see if this works.
  • One of my best best friends is an awesome house DJ here in Chicago. If you’re looking for something to listen to at work today, check out his new mix.


And finally, I’m super excited to be heading out to Lollapalooza today. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s a pretty huge music festival here in Chicago. I bought tickets for today specifically to see Hot Chip. Yay dance party. Probably going to wear the same outfit I wore to Pitchfork Music Festival. In case you can’t really see, it’s a Storm Trooper carrying a boom box. In case you want the same one, you can buy it at Forever 21

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