arrowfacebook If you’ve been on the main page of my blog recently, you may have noticed something a little different. Hidden among all of my other social media icons (twitter, pinterest, google+) is a Facebook icon. That’s right, I made a Facebook page.

Why have I held out until now? Because I was embarrassed. I thought my small Facebook page would look silly compared to other bloggers who have well over 1,000 “Likes.”

But….then a friend of mine who is a social media wiz opened my eyes. Even those bloggers with well over 1,000 likes had to start somewhere.

Painfreekitchen Facebook

And she’s right. So last week I did it. And well…I have two likes. One is mine by the way.

But that’s OK. It will grow in time.

For now, if you’re on Facebook and feel like supporting my page, head over to

In other news, if you’re wondering what recipe is coming next…


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