On past Fridays I wrote “Fun Thing to Read on a Friday,” totally borrowed from Holly. But I thought this time I might change it up a bit. Remember that gratitude journal I wrote about? Yeah…me neither. It basically lasted about a week before I gave up on it. Well I think it’s time to bring it back.

saugatuck coffee copy

In an effort to get out of the apartment I’ve been hanging out at a few coffee places nearby. Embarrassingly this mostly means Starbucks (pumpkin spice latte, why can’t I quit you?) However this week Jake reminded me of a locally owned coffee place just over on Halsted. Life changing. Not only is the coffee actually good (I’m looking at you burnt Starbucks), but it has free wifi, tons of seating and plenty of outlets. Also the owner, Kim, is incredibly kind and welcoming.

soy free hot chocolate

With the weather changing, I’ve developed a craving for hot chocolate. I know, not the healthiest craving. But it’s not the sugar that typically stops me from indulging. It’s the soy. There is no such thing as soy-free hot chocolate. Until I found this box of Swiss Miss at Jewel-Osco. Yes I realize that the two first ingredients are sugar and corn syrup. No it’s obviously not paleo or healthy in the slightest. But guys, it’s SOY-free! In life you need to pick your battles. I know that soy makes me feel like crap. And I know that the occasional cup of hot chocolate makes me feel like a million bucks. Worth it.

closet organization

Like I mentioned on Monday’s post, I did some much needed reorganizing of my closet. Thankfully I had already gotten rid of a lot of clothes a few months ago so the process was fairly easy. However if you need to do some “wardrobe editing” I highly suggest you check out this infographic I found on Pinterest. Fortunately Katie put her watermark at the bottom so I could easily find the original source. My favorite part – “Is it a costume? If yes, keep it!” A girl after my own heart. (For those of you who don’t know, I own over 10 trunks of costumes. It’s a small problem  addiction).

potato ‘Tis the season for carving….potatoes? Yeah, that’s what that thing is. Came across this post at Apartment Therapy – 8 things to carve instead of pumpkins. Creepy, isn’t it?


Between catching up on my favorite blogs, reading two books from the library and just enjoying life, I unfortunately got hooked to a new TV show – Pretty Little Liars. Yes, it’s geared towards young adults. Yes, it’s a bit on the fluffy side. But guys, I can’t.stop. watching. Synopsis: Four high school girls are upset when their friend Allison disappears. One year later they start receiving text messages from a mysterious “A” who they think is Allison…until they discover Allison’s body. The thing I really like about it is even though each girl gets thrown into a mold “the queen bee,” “the artsy one,” “the sporty one,” “the smart one” etc, each one has a background with character development. The thing I DONT like about it is “the artsy one” ends up dating her teacher….Ew. No I’m sorry, no part of that is appropriate at all.

And finally, something I found on instagram that tugged on my heart:

things i love

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