WIAWbuttonToday marks the 10th day of my 21 day sugar detox. It’s interesting when you say to yourself, “it’s only 21 days. That’s not long at all.” And it’s really not. If you cook at home, I personally think the 21dsd is not that hard. Jake and I keep almost 100% paleo at home anyway. It’s really just cutting out the occasional treats, like my soy-free hot chocolate. And the glass of wine we might have with dinner.

But it’s the social situations that get you. It’s having to bring your own food to a conference because you know they’re going to order pizza. Or it’s asking your friends to cook a certain way for their dinner parties so you can join in. (And while I know my friends don’t mind at all, in fact, they are incredibly supportive, I still always feel like a burden).

Eggs with ground turkey, broccoli and peppers

Breakfast: I had some left over ground turkey stir-fry with broccoli and peppers from the night before. So I heated it up with a few eggs and it made a really great breakfast. Always good to remember that breakfast doesn’t have to look like breakfast. Leftovers are perfectly acceptable.

kale and spinach salad with tomatoes

Lunch: This has been my typical lunch. Spinach and kale salad. I bought kale at Mariano’s and I must say I’ve been super impressed with the quality. It has survived for almost a week and a half in my fridge. Also kale is incredibly filling. Almost too filling. I’ve been taking digestive enzymes and I think it helps.

side salad with chicken

Lunch: On Saturday I had the awesome opportunity to participate in Rails Girls Code Chicago, a free workshop for women to learn basic Ruby on Rails. It was a ton of fun but I knew eating would be an issue. The people that put on the event were incredibly supportive as far as food allergies. They had a ton of options: many types of pizza, pasta, gluten-free pasta, vegetarian pasta, chicken, salad etc. I was able to fix myself a plate of the salad and added some of the chicken.

I was actually super proud of myself. In the past, I know I would have told myself “it’s free food. Enjoy it. Everything in moderation. It’s a cheat day.” And I would have grabbed some pizza. And pasta. And of course the cookies they had for dessert. But I didn’t. Sure the salad had some dressing that I’m sure had sugar. And who knows what the chicken was cooked in. But this detox has definitely pushed me into making healthier choices.

dried vegetables

Snack: This snack definitely helped as well. Since I knew food might be an issue, I made sure to bring food with me. These are dried vegetables that I found at Walmart. I found them a while ago and they are delicious. The ingredients listed are: yellow and purple sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, taro, green beans, canola oil, dextrin (from tapioca), sea salt.

Yes they have canola oil and tapioca. But sometimes you just have to pick your battles. When everyone else was enjoying donuts and cookies, I was eating these and still loving life.


Dinner: A taco bowl from Qdoba. I picked this up on the way to a friend’s 30th birthday party because I knew they would be eating pizza. Ordered it without beans, rice, corn or the dressing. Just the lettuce, ground beef, salsa and I added a big scoop of guacamole. I did not eat the shell, since I knew it would be made with flour.  If you’re looking for a place to eat, Qdoba or Chipotle are definitely easy options.

So with all of this great food, why am I feeling so down? Because I just let it all get to me. I let it get to me that I couldn’t eat what people were eating at the conference. I let it get to me that I had to drink water when everyone else was drinking wine or beer at my friend’s party. And I really let it get to me when they ate birthday cake and ice cream.

As I’ve said in the past, the problems with detoxes like the Whole30 and the 21 Day Sugar Detox are all in your head. Nobody was bothered that I brought my own snacks to the conference. My friends were super supportive of my food choices during the party. No body cares what I eat. Only I care.

Then again, it could just be lack of sugar that’s putting me in a bad mood. That’s a thing isn’t it? Anyone else get super grumpy from detoxes?


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4 thoughts on “WIAW: One Week on 21 Day Sugar Detox”

  1. I’ve done sugar detoxes in the past (and I really need to do one now…), and it always is so hard! What has worked best for me is to not think about what I’m missing out on, but instead to focus on what I’m gaining by passing on the sweet stuff! Good luck!

    1. Ah you are so right. I’ve actually thought about that in the past but I definitely forgot it recently. Thanks for reminding me 🙂 Sometimes it’s good to hear things over and over. I’m actually cooking up a new dish now that hopefully I will love, totally detox approved 🙂 And I picked up avocados, which I love.

  2. Good job! Social outings are definitely a weakness for me. I don’t think many Mexican restaurants will provide me with sliced veggies instead of chips (which are delicious) to transport the guacamole to my mouth… so that’s a cheat that’s always hard to avoid haha.

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