Things I love fridayHappy Friday! I hope everyone is excited and ready for the weekend. For those of you doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox, remember that weekends are typically the hardest. Like I mentioned in my last post, it’s the weekend social engagements that I have trouble with… How many more days are left?

Anyway, here we go, Things I love Friday:

First and foremost, this – A teacher responds to Chris Christie’s finger in her face.

I’ve never really gotten onto the mug cake bandwagon, but this one sounds right up my alley. Gingerbread? I’m in.

Speaking of desserts, I found this recipe for Apple Spice Coffee cake over at FastPaleo. Did I mention it’s 21 Day Sugar Detox approved?! There is a strong possibility I’m going to make this, this weekend.

shopping haulRecently I’ve had some great luck at the grocery store. Found Kerrygold butter and free range eggs at Jewel-Osco on Monday. And then scored an even better price for Kerrygold at Costco Wednesday! Along with brussels sprouts, lots of avocados and way too many sweet potatoes.

What is Kerrygold you ask? Why it’s butter made from grass-fed cows. Read all about it and why it’s better at Mark’s Daily Apple.

cooking turkey burgers on a george foreman grill

Something else that I’ve been loving in the kitchen is our George Foreman Grill. Remember those? I was cleaning out our kitchen when I found Jake’s tucked away above our fridge. He hadn’t touched it in years.

Do other people still use these? I feel like they fell out of style after college. But cooking on this thing is life changing. Now that it’s so bloody cold outside, this is my new love for burgers. Less than 9 minutes and it’s perfectly cooked.

lincolnThis past week Jake and I got to dog-sit for some friends of ours. Meaning I got to spend the entire day working on the couch with this baby. His name is Lincoln. (We actually dog-sat three dogs. Didn’t get a chance to snap pictures of his brother and sister).

I’m secretly hoping I’m one step closer at convincing Jake it’s time for a dog. Could always just say that I need one for my Fibromyalgia. According to a study, pets can help ease chronic pain.

Cat joke

And speaking of pets… ::hehe::

Timex wrist watch

You might see me mention my new Timex watch a few times on Instagram. Back when I first blogged about my Operation No Yoga Pants, Timex reached out to me via twitter. And offered to send me a watch. No strings attached. No need to blog about them. Just “here you go.”

Well let me just say I love it. I had been admiring oversized gold watches for a while. Specifically one by Michael Kors. So last time Nordstrom’s had a sale, I went to go try them on. They were huge. The face was way too big compared to my tiny wrists.

This one is perfect. Just the right size. Plus I  love the face design. Doesn’t look gaudy or cheap. I’ll keep you guys updated on  how it holds up to every day wear. But if you’re looking for a watch, I recommend it.

science nerd wine glasses

If you are a science nerd, you may love these wine glasses. My friend Heather just started an online community called Science Solved, where she connects academic researchers with volunteer software developers.  For FREE. If you are in academia and you need something built, check out it out.

The problem is it’s free. Meaning she runs on donations. She’s currently running an Indiegogo campaign and could use some help. (Indiegogo is sort of like Kickstarter).

The wine glasses on the left are one of the things you can get for donating. If you know your molecules, you might notice they are engraved with infatuation (Phenylethylamine) and long-term love (Oxytocin). Also known as His and Hers.


Alright, that’s it for this week. What are the things you’ve been loving? Any links you recommend I check out?

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