It’s Friday!! Got anything fun planned? Tonight I’m heading to Spybar (a club in downtown Chicago) to dance my tail off and support one of my best friends who is DJing. Yay Jordan!

But going to a club also means (normally) drinking. Which we aren’t doing on the Whole30. Thankfully, I’ve gone clubbing with friends enough times sober that I know what to do. So for today’s post, I thought I would share a few tips for surviving your Whole30 weekend.


Don’t just think about. Write it down. Seriously, go get a piece of paper and do it. Maybe you’ve been suffering from physical pain and you wanted to see if the Whole30 could change that. Maybe you wanted to lose weight. Maybe you just wanted to be healthier, or to discover food allergies or to challenge yourself. Whatever it was, writing it down will remind you why it’s worth it to keep going.


How did last weekend go? Did you stick to your Whole30 the whole time (pun intended) or did you find yourself slipping? Think about what was going on when you slipped. Where were you? Who were you with? What were you thinking?


  • Last weekend your friends wanted to go to a bar. After an hour of watching your buddies drinking, you said screw this and ordered a beer.
  • Last week was stressful. Your boss won’t leave you alone, your coworker is driving you nuts and everything that could go wrong is going wrong. Friday night you got home and all you could think about was a glass of wine and a giant piece of chocolate.
  • Living with kids and a spouse who isn’t doing the Whole30 is harder than people think. After sticking to the Whole30 all week, you can’t seem to resist that pizza your family orders. Who wants to eat a salad when they get to enjoy a deep dish in front of you?
  • Last Saturday you were running around like crazy trying to get all of your errands done. At 1pm you suddenly realize you haven’t eaten anything…and you’re starving. You desperately look around for something Whole30 approved but with no luck. So you drive by McDonalds/Starbucks/Subway instead.
  • Your first week on the Whole30 was hard! You felt terrible. Your stomach hurt, you felt tired all the time, you had headaches. Saturday you just gave up and ate a sandwich.

Any of these situations sound familiar? I’m guessing at least one does because I’ve experienced all of them! (Just replace “kids and spouse” with “friends and Jake”).

But our goal is to learn from these experiences, not to obsess about them. There is a quote that I really like – “Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday.” It took me almost three tries to get through an entire Whole30! And that’s OK.


This weekend is going to be different. This weekend you are prepared. Write down what situations might come up and write down how you’re going to plan for them. And then write down a Plan B.


  • This weekend your friends want to go out. Plan A: Suggest something besides a bar. How about ice skating? A movie? Even a dance club is better than a bar because there is something to do besides drinking. Plan B: Walk right up to the bartender and order confidently soda water with lime. Most likely the bartender won’t even charge you. And it looks like you’re drinking a vodka soda. When everyone else feels like crap the next morning, you are feeling great!
  • Has this week been super stressful? Reward yourself. But not with food. Plan A: Go shopping and buy something small. Retail therapy is awesome. Plan B: Call up a good friend and laugh about something stupid. Plan C: Go home, put on your favorite movie and cuddle. Plan D: Take a bath and use lots of bubbles. Plan screw it: just go get a massage.
  • No one wants to eat a salad when everyone else is eating pizza. So don’t eat a salad. Plan A: Eat something Whole30 approved that you love. I know you have a favorite. Maybe it’s a giant steak and sweet potato fries. Plan B: Or maybe you found an awesome recipe this week. Go pick up the ingredients now. Make your spouse and kids jealous they aren’t eating what you’re eating.
  • If you know that you’re going to be out and about, throw a snack into your bag. And don’t throw in something boring. Plan A: Grab something you’re excited about eating. Maybe it’s a small bag of nuts. Or an apple. Or kale chips. The point is it’s something you will be happy eating. Otherwise you’ll take one look at it and think “Nah. I want something else.” Plan B: Have something you want to eat ready to go at home. If you’re out and get hungry, think about the meal and run home to enjoy it.
  • How are you feeling this week? Still got those headaches? Probably not. By week two a lot of the “no carb flu” symptoms should be going away. Plan A: If they haven’t, ask yourself, honestly, are you eating enough? My first Whole30, I was still under the impression that it was perfectly healthy to eat 800 calories per day. Turns out, it’s not. But I didn’t realize that until a friend pointed it out to me. If you aren’t eating over 1200 calories, you aren’t eating enough. If you’re not eating a real meal for breakfast, you aren’t eating enough. Plan B: If you think you’re eating enough and still don’t know what the hell is going wrong, ASK ME! Tweet me. Email me. Comment below. Sometimes you just need that friend to point out the obvious.




4 thoughts on “Surviving a Whole30 Weekend”

  1. Thank you for a great booster for the weekend! I’ve been eating Paleo since tuesday, so I will be following your posts! 🙂 I also have an autoimmune disease, Crohns disease, so I am hoping my body will run better on Paleo.

    My number one motivation for doing this is being able to take my 2 year old daughter to toddler swimming starting in a few weeks, without having to cancel all the time because of my stomach not behaving.

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