Happy Friday! Anyone have plans for the weekend? Today it’s supposed to be 40 degrees (F)! Feels like beach weather. Yay Chicago…

Anyway on to the food.

Whole30 Day 3: The Day of Salad

sweet potato, tomato and ground turkey

Breakfast: Wednesday I woke up to realize our fridge was practically empty. Oops. Meaning no eggs for me. I did manage to heat up the left over of my turkey meatball/sweet potato topping from Tuesday. Just goes to show you, breakfast doesn’t have to be traditional breakfast food. It’s just another meal. Feel free to eat left overs.

spinach and kale salad

Lunch: About an hour after I finished breakfast I ran over to Treasure Island, a nearby “European” grocery store. I went there instead of Jewel-Osco because I wanted to pick up some ghee. (Which unfortunately I ended up not buying because the price was ridiculous). I did however take advantage of their salad bar. I’m weird when it comes to salad bars. I basically just throw in everything that sounds good, even if they don’t necessarily go together.

This was spinach, kale, cherry tomatoes, red onion, strawberries, black olives, green onions and balsamic vinegar. When I got home I cubed a chicken breast and sautéed it with coconut oil and lots of onion powder to throw on top.

salad with fruit

Dinner: My dinner was also a salad. And one that I typically wouldn’t order (because of all the fruit). I’m currently taking a business course through Teach For America and they provide dinner. This is the gluten-free option. When I was doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox I sadly had to pass on this one, but one of my friends reminded me that it’s totally Whole30 approved.

We have lettuce, grapes, apples, walnuts, raisins, cranberries and seeds. It’s possible that the cranberries were sweetened (and therefore not Whole30 approved…) but I decided to ignore that. Pick your battles. Don’t stress about it.

Whole30 Day 4: The Day of the Gyro

eggs and gyro meat

Breakfast: I realize that photo looks a little weird but I promise it was tasty. One of the things I found at Treasure Island was sliced gyro meat at the deli counter. I love gyros so I thought it would be a fun experiment. For breakfast I diced a few slices, heated them up in a pan with coconut oil and chopped onions, then add two eggs to scramble.

A bit of warning however. Gyro meat typically is made of lamb. And I double checked the ingredient list to make sure it was just lamb when I bought it. But when I did some googling last night, I discovered that commercially made gyro meat, the kind they sell at most Greek restaurants, occasionally contain bread crumbs. Definitely not gluten-free.

Therefore if you want to make sure you’re perfectly safe, check out this recipe by The Domestic Man for homemade Gyro meat.


Lunch: For lunch I made Jake and I giant salads: spinach, lettuce, red pepper, broccoli and the gyro meat. I put balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper on mine.

sweet potato and gyro meat

Dinner: I had CrossFit again last night so I knew sweet potatoes were needed. Instead of using the Spiralizer, I just cubed a sweet potato and cooked it in coconut oil and of course, the gyro meat. Added some red pepper flakes. Not bad for a meal in less than 10 minutes.

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