Happy Monday! For those completing the Whole30 with me, how did your weekend go? Did you cheat? Did you want to cheat? Did you not cheat but are feeling super depressed about it?

I found weekends to be the hardest for me whenever I do any sort of food challenge. Mostly because of social engagements. Because let’s be honest, going to a bar and drinking water while everyone else drinks beer sucks. Seriously. I can’t think of a single person who would say it’s no big deal.

It also sucks eating at restaurants. Yes you research before you go. You ask questions or tell the waiter you have an allergy. If you’re nice about it they will be super helpful. But let’s be honest. Eating a plain salad or chicken and broccoli while your friends eat cheese-smothered fries sucks.

You could be upset about it. Say the Whole30 sucks and throw in the towel. Or you could be proud of yourself. Even if you cheated. Be proud that you’re learning more about yourself.

Take a deep long look at how this weekend went. Did you cheat? What did you cheat with? Why? And how can you change your actions in the future?

Every time I do a Whole30 I learn something new about how I interact with food.

  • I’ve learned that I use it for comfort. If I’m feeling sad, I reach for food to make me feel better.
  • I’ve learned that I have a fear of not fitting in. When I’m in a group, I want to eat what they’re eating, not because they want me to, but because I’m afraid of being the outsider.
  • I’ve learned that sometimes I need to lose control. That I live most of my life keeping things in order. And that sometimes I need to break free and “just eat whatever the hell I want.”

For today, why not take out a piece of paper and write down one thing that you learned about yourself and food. I know there is at least one. Maybe there’s more. And then I want you to forget about the weekend. Don’t feel upset. Just move forward.

Maybe this means you need to find fun new Whole30 recipes to try. Something to get you excited.

Why not try some of these:

Now, what did I eat?

Whole30 meals

Brunch Restaurant – 3 egg omelet with tomatoes, onions and peppers (no cheese). Tomatoes on the side. Black coffee. 
Dinner – Spaghetti squash with crockpot pulled pork on top. Asparagus was roasted in the oven at 375 (F) with a little olive oil, salt and pepper for 20 minutes. 
Snack – Green apple
Brunch Restaurant – Scrambled eggs with jalapeño, tomatoes, and onions. Asked the waiter to add avocado. Black coffee.
Dinner – Stir-fry of sausages, broccoli and garlic
Left over spaghetti squash with hot sauce

As you can see Friday and Saturday I went out to brunch. Remember you don’t have to eat the toast. Many restaurants will now offer fruit cups (or sliced tomatoes) instead. You’ll also see I only show 5 meals (not including the apple) for three days. Because Friday and Saturday’s brunch was eaten later, I only had two meals those days.

Sunday however, I messed up. That left over spaghetti squash was inhaled at 2pm. That’s because I went to a meeting in the morning and didn’t plan ahead. I just assumed the brunch place we were going to would have eggs. They didn’t. Only pastries. So I sat through the entire morning without eating anything.

And my blood sugar crashed. I ran home at 2pm to inhale whatever left over food I could find in the fridge. Because even though I’ve done the Whole30 many times, I still make mistakes.

Thankfully that mistake was fixed by Sunday’s dinner:

burgers and salad

Homemade grass-fed beef burgers with garlic and jalapeños, cooked on our George Foreman, and a giant salad.

What did you eat this weekend?

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