Hey guys. Sorry my posts have been few and far between. I promise I’m still here. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been busy working on a few projects outside of blogging. And unfortunately things like cooking and writing fell a few places down on my to-do list.

But speaking of to-do lists…

Sugar Paper planner and sticky notes from Target

The last couple of months I’ve developed a small obsession with planners. Originally I bought one by Martha Stewart, which is basically a knock-off version of the Erin Condren Life Planner. But after a few weeks I realized it’s just way too big.

Target to the rescue. While walking through the office supply aisle (like you do) I suddenly saw this compact planner by Sugar Paper that was too cute not to pick up. It has both a monthly (2 pages) and weekly (1 page) calendars as well as a full page every week for notes. Unfortunately Target doesn’t have it on their website but if you want to see the full line, Sugar Paper has pictures on their site.

The best part – it was $3.99! Yup you read that right. I was debating buying another planner after I already spent money on the Martha Stewart one, but after seeing the price, I thought why not.

Anyway, while you’re at Target, don’t forget to check out their $1 bins. I found both of those notepads there for a $1 each.

sonia kashuk eyeshadow

Another awesome Target find. The Sonia Kashuk Neutral Eye Palette. Originally $30. Currently on sale for $8.98. That is if you can find them. I’m almost positive these are going to sell out quickly at that price.

I follow Nouveaucheap, which is how I found out about the sale. If you’re into cheap drugstore makeup, I highly suggest you check out her site.

petite curves ahead

Another blog that I’ve been loving is Petite Curves Ahead. Started by one of my awesome friends, Lauren, and her awesome friend Nora. I follow a number of petite fashion bloggers but they all have one thing in common: they are all 98lbs and size 00. I am definitely not. I am “petite” but I also inherited a Colombian butt and thighs from my mom’s side of the family.

Enter Lauren and Nora. Both petite (under 5’4) but both with as much “junk in the trunk” as I have. They have awesome suggestions on clothing items that won’t drag on the ground but will also fit my hips.

And even if you aren’t petite, I would check Nora’s posts on skin care. She’s been doing a series that covers everything from serums to eye creams for those of us 25 and up.

Olivia Pope

Speaking of outfits, if you’re a fan of Scandal (which I’m sure you are) and you are female, check out this post that is a slideshow of every single outfit Olivia Pope wears in season 2. Apparently she’s all about pastels, interesting collars and suit jackets. Now I know what to look for when shopping…

OK OK. Enough about makeup and clothes. You’re here for food. So…

AeropressAbout a month ago our drip coffee machine threw in the towel. So Jake convinced me to finally purchase the Aeropress.

Guys, this is LIFE changing. I purchase vanilla coffee at a small coffee and spice place around the corner. I never tasted the vanilla until using the Aeropress. If you thought you couldn’t drink coffee black, this product will change your life.

But of course, now it’s slowly turning me into a coffee hipster. I’ve been researching all of the different hand grinders to see which one I want to purchase. Because beans ground by hand are apparently better than in the electric grinders. I’m trying to decide between this one and this one. Thoughts?


And finally. This. I realize this is dairy and my blog is supposed to be dairy free. I’m supposed to be dairy free. But every once in a while I give in and enjoy my favorite Greek yogurt (Fage). That is until I bought this one.

Found it at Jewel-Osco on sale and with a coupon, so I thought why not. It’s like Greek yogurt on steroids. It’s incredibly rich and creamy, thick, sweet but tangy at the same time. According to their website, it’s Australian style yogurt. I’ve tried the honey but I think I prefer the plain.

One word of warning. This is not low-fat or low in calories. The plain comes in at 240 calories, 140 calories from fat. Then again, it also has a full 17g of protein…so…

If you occasionally do the dairy I recommend giving this a try at least once.

Alright that’s it. It’s 10pm which means it’s bedtime. Still trying hard to keep to my sleep tips that actually work.

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