2011-year-resolution-400x400With the start of every new year comes the endless list of New Year’s resolutions. We’re going to “get healthy,” “go to the gym,” “read more books” etc. And we might try to kick the year off with an all in mentality, by doing a cleanse or joining the Whole30 crowd.

This year I’m unfortunately not going to be participating in another Whole30. I debated this for a long while. It’s the number one subject people search for on my blog. Last year during my Whole30, I jumped from around 3,000 views per day to 12,000 views per day. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized my heart wasn’t into it. I’ve done the Whole30 quite a few times. I’ve learned what foods work for me (meat, veggies, legumes, sometimes rice) and which don’t (gluten, dairy, soy, most processed foods).


I’m not saying YOU shouldn’t try a Whole30. It’s definitely changed my life. And I still have tons of blog posts that should be helpful:

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Plus there are a ton of other Paleo bloggers who are starting (and blogging) the Whole30 like Nom Nom Paleo and The Clothes Make the Girl. And check out the list of Whole30 recipes on Chowstalker, Foodee, my Pinterest page, and the #Whole30 instagram hashtag. And obviously check out the official Whole30 website.

OK with that said, there are some things I will be working on.

1. Organization

One of the things I’ve learned this past year is when you eliminate decision-making, new habits start to become a lot easier. For example, my gym had a contest that if you could go every day from the Saturday after Thanksgiving to the Tuesday before Christmas, they would wave your membership fee for one month. I decided I was going to do it. And I did. I didn’t work out every day. My body started screaming that it needed a break two weeks in. But I still went to either stretch or sit in the sauna.

What I proved to myself was that by eliminating the choice of whether or not I would go to the gym that day was all the motivation I needed. Whether I was tired or it was raining or snowing didn’t matter. I said I would go.


So this week I’ve written out a schedule. I’ve even color-coded it. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday I’m going to the gym. I’ve also slotted in time to write a blog post, clean my apartment, do laundry, buy groceries, etc. My hope is if I can eliminate the choice of what I want to do after work, I’ll have an easier time actually doing it.

Right now I’ve only planned out one week. Mostly because I’m not 100% sure if that’s the best way to lay out my schedule.

Something else I’ve organized? My closet. I now have a huge bag of clothes for Goodwill, the clothing on hangers are color-coded, and I’ve spread out my workout clothes from one drawer to two in my dresser.

workout clothes

That huge pink pile are my sports bras. It might be time to branch out from pink and black…

2. Focus on the Positives

I think it’s a known fact now that if you write down something positive that happened every single day that you’ll actually become a happier person. Jake has been bugging me to do it for years. Depression unfortunately runs in my family, so anything I can do to keep myself out of that hole is a good idea.

one_line_a_day_-_five_year_memory_bookI tried doing it a few times by keeping a gratitude journal but it never became a habit. I thought about joining the #100HappyDays movement on instagram. But never started.

And then I saw this journal. A friend of mine who makes Youtube videos was talking about how much she loved it. Every page has a day at the top (January 1st for example) and then room for one sentence, for the next five years.

She started keeping it last year and said how much fun it was to circle back and read the sentence that she wrote the year before.

Unfortunately it was on backorder on Amazon so I won’t get it until Wednesday. So for now I’m just keeping my sentences on scratch paper.

I have a few other goals this month such as:

  • try to be in bed by 9pm (since I leave for work at 5:30am)
  • remember to put on moisturizer every night
  • find time to read more novels
  • study for the GMAT.

Although so far those aren’t going as well as I had hoped. If anyone has any suggestions or tips please share them. I’m planning on taking a GMAT prep class (first class is this Sunday!) which I hope will keep me on track to take the test in March or April. And I borrowed an audiobook from the library (Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman) to listen to during my hour drive to work. Do audiobooks count as reading books…?

Anyway, cheers to 2015 being awesome.

2 thoughts on “2015 New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. I downloaded a free Gratitude Journal app for Android.

    It makes it easy to remember to do because each evening it adds an icon to the notification center reminding you to fill it in for the day.

  2. Oh my goodness, my blog views mostly come from people searching Whole30 results too! It’s crazy. I’m glad that you figured out what foods you should/should not be eating and I agree that if you’re not 100% into it, then you shouldn’t do a Whole30.

    I’ve recently realized that scheduling my workouts is such a game changer! I should probably do this with writing blog posts too.

    I’m also trying to do more reading in 2015. I want to read for 15 minutes before bed to wind down.

    Happy 2015 🙂

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