Just in case you haven’t been following the weather in the midwest, we got hit with a blizzard. And when I say blizzard, I mean we got dumped on. Seriously dumped on. 19.3 inches of snow.

It caught a lot of us by surprise. Including me. Who mistakenly decided to drive to my lesson with my dance coach. Three hours later I realized my car wasn’t going to make it home. Thankfully some awesome guys managed to push it into a safe parking spot until the roads are plowed.


Yeah…. Not sure if you can see but way in the back of the photo is a car getting stuck trying to make it down the road.

Anyway, Monday I took a personal day from work. Originally I had planned on saving my car but once I realized that wasn’t going to happen I went to the gym instead.

Which got me inspired for today’s blog post, What’s in my Gym Bag!

What's in my Gym Bag

1. Nike Free 4.0 Running

These are the trainers I bought on Black Friday. After wearing the same sneakers since the 8th grade, it was time to upgrade. And I LOVE them. Mostly because the pink makes me happy, but also because I find them supportive yet super light.

I bought mine from Dick’s Sporting Goods but you can find them at a lot of different stores – Finish Line, FootLocker, and obviously Nike.

2. Blender Bottle

Those of you who work out will immediately recognize what this is. But for those who are beginners, the Blender Bottle is specifically made to drink protein powder. It has a stainless steel wire ball inside that helps mix the powder up when you shake it.

Probably the easiest place to pick one up is Amazon. They have a ton of color and style options.

3. Blender Bottle GoStack

I keep my protein powder and my BCAAs in a GoStack until I’m ready to use them. I enjoy these tiny containers because they stay closed and keep my powders organized.

Again, easiest place to pick one up is Amazon.

4. Water bottle

I bought my water bottle at Jewel-Osco about a year ago. It’s by Rubbermaid and I like it specifically for the opening. It’s big enough to get a good swig but small enough that it doesn’t splash water in your face while on the treadmill. And it doesn’t have a straw or bite thing. I really can’t stand those.

The closest I could find to link for you guys was a four-pack on Amazon.

5. Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

I purchased this heart rate monitor from Amazon back in 2013. I wear it during my weight lifting circuits to get a more accurate idea of how many calories I burn during the day. I’ve also started to wear it during cardio to make sure my heart rate stays lower (around 135).

So far no complaints although I have had to replace the batteries. I now keep extra in my bag.

6. My inhaler

I have asthma. Really bad asthma. But a quick puff from my inhaler before I start working out has helped a ton.

7. Schiek Wrist Wraps

In 2013 I worked with a personal trainer for a bit. After a few sessions we quickly realized just how weak my wrists were. I knew I could dead lift or bench press heavier but my wrists wouldn’t let me.

He’s the one who recommended I try wrist wraps. Best decision. They are amazing. I use these whenever I want to lift heavy (100 lbs+).

I bought mine from Amazon.

8. Nike Women’s Lifting Gloves

When I first started lifting (maybe…3 years ago?) I bought a pair of lifting gloves from TJ Maxx. There are definitely pluses and minuses about wearing gloves. Your grip on the bar suffers but sometimes it’s worth it to save your hands. Especially if your gym has the uncoated dumbbells.

Nike obviously has a pair on their website but Amazon’s selection is bigger.

9. Gear Beast Armband for iPhone 6

When I switched to the iphone 6 in October, I quickly realized I was going to need a new armband. What I love about this one is it securely holds my phone while it’s still in its case. This is huge for me because it’s such a pain to take the case on and off each time.

Also it’s $10 on Amazon.

My only complaint is the velcro did start to pull away. I just had to resew it a bit. No big deal. Especially for ten bucks.

Not pictured:

My headphones. Mostly because I’m not fan. The good news is they stay in my ears. The bad news is I’m constantly getting wrapped up in the cord. If anyone has a recommendation for headphones please let me know. I’ve been eyeing a few wireless ones although I need a pair that will stay in my ears during burpees.

Anyway those are the things in my gym bag I thought were worth sharing (besides obvious things like hair ties, bobby pins and deodorant).

If you have any recommendations of gym bag supplies please share in the comments 🙂

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