Hi. Miss me? It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Months actually. And many of you probably thought I was done with blogging. To be honest, I kind of was…

Over the last year I really struggled coming up with new content. And I think you can tell when you look at the quality of the posts. Don’t get me wrong, I think I had a couple bright stars here and there, like my Things I Learned From My May Challenge, which was viewed by over 1000 people and shared 36 times on Facebook.

But the majority were short, hastily thrown together posts that weren’t very original. Mostly just so I could say I posted something. Eventually I stopped bothering. I wasn’t proud of what I was writing. And honestly with the limited amount of time outside of work to spend on hobbies, I decided I’d rather spend it reading, at the gym, or just hanging out with Jake. The other issue was because I’m a writer as my day job, the last thing I wanted to do after work was write.

But just as I was ready to let painfreekitchen.com fade away, two big things happened. The first was an email from a reader. She had recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, had found my blog and was starting her first Whole30. She asked me how long it took before I started noticing my pain disappearing.

I emailed her back, told her my story of struggling to finish my first two Whole30s and gave her advice. But it was what she wrote back that made me pause. She said I gave her hope. And that my blog was making a difference in people’s lives.

I actually started tearing up and immediately showed the email to Jake. I remember how lost I felt when I was first diagnosed. Knowing that my blog posts were helping others totally made my day. And here I was about to throw in the towel.

The second big thing happened over Labor Day. I met a reader through a mutual friend. She also had recently been diagnosed with Fibro. Through our conversations I kept hearing her say ALL of the things I used to say: that the pain had completely changed her life, that she’s taking multiple medications but none seem to really work, that she sleeps for hours yet is too tired to accomplish anything. And then she said what I said when I first found the Whole30, “I just don’t think it will work for me. My pain is too strong for a diet change to make a difference. And there is no way I can give up _____ foods.”

But guess what. When I saw her again around Thanksgiving, she was a different person. She had done the Whole30 shortly after we spoke. And it was working. And she started blogging too! She looked so happy. Right there I knew I had to continue.

So now what? I still have the problem of not feeling inspired to write. The answer came from a friend who is also a blogger – VLOG! She suggested I share recipes, workouts, even just random life tips through videos posted on Youtube. But would anyone watch me?

Why not find out? This January I’m doing another Whole30 but this time I’m filming it. If this is something you’re interested in, head over to my Youtube channel – www.youtube.com/painfreekitchenrachel.

Youtube Channel


4 thoughts on “Hello, it’s me…”

  1. I’m so glad you decided to vlog! I am a year into my Fibromyalgia diagnosis and still struggling. My Pain Clinic Dr. Suggested I try Gluten and dairy free, but it was October, and I just wasn’t ready to face the Holidays without them. I have spent the past 2 months saying my goodbyes to wheat and dairy. I picked up the whole 30 book at Costco and liked the structure. I need rules. 🙂 So, when I randomly saw your post about whole 30 AND beating fibromyalgia on FB I was ECSTATIC! Thanks for your video encouragement! 🙂

    1. Hi Janet! Your comment makes me so happy! I’m so glad you found my blog/youtube channel. I can tell you that going gluten and dairy free has definitely changed my life. Every time I cheat and the pain comes back, I’m reminded just how awful Fibro is. Good luck with your Whole30! I’ve got a ton of blog posts here that hopefully will help. And if you ever need me, don’t hesitate to reach out.

      1. Hi Rachel, I watched your videos and went through blog. They are interesting for me being fibro too. I agree with some of your tips like taking a shower with warm water relieve you considerably for the moment. But one thing I experienced change and relief in my pain was taking vitamin D3 supplements. Usually, the patients with fibro have low vitamin D levels, which aggravate the pain. please get checked your vitamin d levels, and if find it low then start taking supplement under the advice of any physician.

        1. Hi Sadia! Yes that’s absolutely right about vitamin d. So funny story about that. About a year before I started getting fibro pain I had my vitamin d levels checked. And they were incredibly low. About 12%! My doctor immediately put me on supplements. Fast forward to me getting fibro, changing my diet, etc. I went back in to get my blood panel checked again. All perfect. I had stopped taking supplements a while ago but just by cutting out certain foods, my body was functioning better and absorbing vitamin d! It was pretty cool 🙂

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