Why hello. It’s been a while. You may have noticed that painfreekitchen has had a makeover recently. That’s because I’ve decided to come back to blogging. Don’t worry my Youtube channel isn’t going anywhere. But last month my friend Sarah and I were chatting over coffee and she said “You know Rachel, you really shouldn’t let that blog die. You could reach so many people if you continued with it.”

But if you know me, you know that I tend to go “all in” when I decide to do something. So this past Labor Day weekend I spent three days rethinking my branding, blog layout, and image strategy, and then implementing those changes. I wanted to reconnect with the core purpose of my blog and youtube channel – to reach those with Fibromyalgia and suggest a way to possibly ease or eliminate their symptoms.

Logo attempt 1

Hence the new purple color scheme and the spoon logo. For those of you who aren’t familiar, purple is the color of the awareness ribbon for Fibromyalgia (as well as other autoimmune and invisible illnesses). And the spoon is a prominent symbol for chronic illnesses such a Fibro and Lupus. It comes from the “spoon theory,” which is the metaphor used to explain how a person will have less and less energy throughout the day to accomplish daily tasks (they’ve run out of spoons). That’s why you might hear the term “spoonie” to describe a person with chronic illness.

Starting this month, I plan on writing more blog posts geared specifically to those with Fibromyalgia, and to continue to show others that eating gluten and dairy free isn’t an impossible task. Looking back it’s crazy to me just how radically my diet has changed for the better. I might look like I have it all figured out now, but let me tell you it’s been six years of trial and error. Hopefully my blog posts (and my youtube videos) will save you guys from going through all of the ups and downs I had to go through.

So that’s the plan going forward. But where have I been these last few months? A lot has happened and I want to share it with you. Especially if you haven’t been following my journey over on Youtube.

Yes that’s right. I’ve been posting regularly on my youtube channel.  Since I started in January…

  • I completed a Whole30

  • Tried a bodybuilding competition prep but failed

  • Started a 30 Day Healthy Habit challenge

  • Tried a second bodybuilding prep and competed in my very first competition. Oh…and won three trophies.

So yeah…that happened. It’s been a wild 2016 and I’m not finished yet. In December of 2015 I promised myself I would push myself out of my comfort zone. Because as they say,  “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”

Anyway, what have YOU guys been up to? Does anyone still read this blog? Got any suggestions for blog posts? I’ve got a few ideas coming but I always want to make sure I’m writing content that is actually helpful.


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